Madonna Adoption Appeal Date Set, Parenting Skills Questioned

Madonna's attorneys announced that the Material Mom will get another day in Malawian court on May 4th to fight for her right to adopt little Mercy James. "I cannot disclose our grounds of appeal, but I can confirm the court will hear our appeal," ...

Madonna Appeals Adoption Ruling

On Friday, Malawian Judge Esmie Chondo denied Madonna's bid to adopt 4-year-old Mercy James. But Malawian authorities didn't get the memo -- you don't mess with the Material Mom. Almost as soon as the Judge delivered her ruling, Madonna's attor...

Madonna's Son Meets His Biological Father

There are very few celebrities left in the world who can command media attention virtually any time of the year, no matter what else is going on. This week the news is full of government bailouts, tax increases, Afghanistan – and Madonna. Give ...

Madonna Adoption Hearing Set For Today

As you may have heard, the Material Mom wants to add to her family. Yesterday she traveled to Malawi, home country of her adopted son David, to try and score him a lil' sis. Madge is scheduled to appear in a local court today to, um, justify her love...

Madonna's rep denies adoption rumors

Last thing we heard, Madonna--who, by the way, ya'll, is now officially FIFTY!--was primed and ready to adopt another child. Rumor had it the child would be a little girl from Malawi, from where Madonna adopted her third child, David. As the rum...

Considering race in adoption: Does it matter?

When considering adoption, how much thought or emphasis is placed on race? Well, that may have very much to do with the family planning on doing the adopting. To the adoption agencies who are supposed to be color blind because of a federal law, how...

The search for the birth mother

If you were adopted, would you want to meet your birth mother? Would you want a relationship with her? What about if your child were adopted--would you want her to meet her birth mother? Do you think she would want to? There are myriad questions ass...

Blended families and the age-old question

There is a great article on New York Magazine's website (and in print) about blended families. More precisely, the article introduces us to several of these families and how they deal with that annoying--no, offensive--question of whether the paren...


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