Boy's Painted Toenails: Sweet or Scary?

Is it just a cute advertisement depicting a mom hanging out with her son? Or is does it cross a line for a mom to paint her son's toenails neon pink? An ad headlined "Saturday with Jenna: Quality Time," showing J.Crew executive Jenna Lyons ...
Is it good fun or subliminal liberal politics?

Tune Out: Pediatricians Issue New Guidelines for Entertainment Media

The AAP says to limit your kid's screen time to two hours a day. Credit: Getty Images
Quick: How many gadgets does your kid have? Between iPods, computers, handheld games, televisions, video games and the like, we're guessing it's hard to keep...
Average kids spends more than seven hours a day watching TV and using computers, phones and other electronic devices for entertainment. The only thing they spend more time doing? Sleeping.

Pediatricians Call for a Limit on Tobacco and Alcohol Ads

The AAP wants to restrict the kinds of ads your kids see. Credit: Corbis
Can just seeing pictures of, say, Joe Camel make a kid want to start smoking? Can a television shot of an ice-cold beer make a kid want to take a drink? The American Academy...
In a new policy statement, the AAP calls for a ban on tobacco advertising in all media.

Drunken Baby Photos? Not So Funny

Credit: Dentsu / Lunivers de Chocolat
Call me humorless, but I just don't see what's funny or cute about photos of babies meant to look like they're drunk. In fact, I'm offended. I'll admit, when I first came upon this article from The Stir ab...

Britain's Conservative Leader Seeks Clamp Down on Advertising for Kids

The leader of Britain's Conservative Party says his party would go beyond what the ruling Labour Party is doing to clamp down on advertising involving children. Leaders of the Labour Party met with leaders of Britain's Advertising Standards Auth...

Baby Version of David Beckham's Armani Underwear Ads are Fake

Have you seen the ads created by a Korean ad agency for Good-Nites that are supposedly modeled after David Beckham's Armani Underwear campaign? Sadly, they're fake. A brand spokesperson tells ParentDish that there's no truth to the story: "The ...

Kids' Cereal Advertising Still a Problem

Companies need to revise how they market products to children, according to the report. Credit: ohdearbarb, Flickr
Food companies have agreed to limit the amount of junk food advertising they aim at kids, but that doesn't mean they've stopped. ...

British Ads Pulled After Angering Career Women, UK Web Site Reports

A billboard has outraged working moms in Britain. Credit:
"Career women make bad mothers." Just kidding. Just kidding. However, many women didn't find the British Outdoor Advertising Association's little joke very funny. Asso...

Beer And Cookies For Santa?

Should Santa knock back non-alcoholic brews while on the job? Credit: sodabug, Flickr
Pity the poor marketing executive who was sure this campaign wouldn't generate any backlash: Labatt Breweries of Canada launched a series of ads in early Novemb...

Coming Soon: The Ad-Sponsored Public School

A Coca-Cola logo adorns the Spaulding High School football scoreboard.Credit: EJ Hersom, Foster's Daily Democrat
Cash-starved school districts are turning to the corporate world to generate enough funds to stay afloat. Schools in North Ca...

Where's The Dad?

Who's in charge at home? If recent ads from Walmart and Target are to be believed, it's all Mom, all the time. Jezebel has a review of four recent ads from the two big retailers. And they ask a fair question: Where's Dad? The Walmart commerc...

Burger King Ad Encourages Cyberbullying

Burger King's latest and most desperate attempt to regain it's once regal status as fast-food royalty is an offer to Facebook users that if they drop 10 of their online "friends," the chain will give them a free Whopper.
Scary Cyber...

No sex on billboards - Bonking okay

Most parents want to be the ones to decide when their children learn about certain things in life. When they feel the time is right, they will talk to them about sex, drugs, whatever. But sometimes those conversations are forced upon a parent by the ...

Wal-Mart thinks you have a momtourage

According to the retailing giant, Wal-Mart, moms have a dedicated following of helpers -- family members, teachers, neighbors and baby sitters -- to make sure that raising a family doesn't interfere too much with their ability to go shopping. This "m...

Cheetos encouraging kids to "stick it to The Man"

My five -year-old loves Cheetos; when he gets the chance to choose a treat, he will skip past the cookies and candy in the grocery and beg for a bag of the orange-covered corn puffs. Usually I oblige, but lately I've been rethinking that, not so much...


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