One Military Mom's Struggle With PTSD

By Louise Farr
Robin Milonas struggles with PTSD after serving in Afghanistan. Credit: Jodi Bieber The police officer saw Robin Milonas, but she didn't see him. And, even if she had, it probably would have made no difference. On that...
This mom didn't expect to be mired in post-traumatic stress disorder.

Afghan Moms Using Opium to Lull Kids to Sleep

When you're trying to lull kids to sleep, many parents will turn to swaddle blankets, pacifiers and, in emergencies, drives around the block with their child strapped into the car seat. And, then, there are parents who feed their kids sedating...In Afghanistan, opium has become an addiction that is passed on from one generation to the next.

Amazing Kid: Brianna Cart

Amazing Kid Brianna Cart sends care packages to soldiers serving overseas. Credit: Maryanne VanBurger
Amazing Kid: Brianna Cart Age: 16 Grade: 11th Home Town: Owego, N.Y. School: Homeschooled Favorite Ice Cream: Rainbow She...
Brianna Cart sends care packages to soldiers serving overseas.

Mama Mia: U.S. Ranks 28th in Best Place to be a Mother

Maternity leave policies and maternal mortality rates need to improve in the United States. Credit: Getty Images
It's almost Mother's Day, but it turns out moms in the United States may not have a lot to celebrate -- at least when it comes to S...

Discharge, Not Court-Martial, for Single Army Mom

Alexis Hutchinson with her son Kamani. Credit: Alexis Hutchinson / AP A single Army mom who refused to follow her unit to Afghanistan because she had no one to care for her infant son will be discharged from the military, but not cou...

Single Mom Soldier Refuses to Go to Afghanistan

Army Spc. Alexis Hutchinson, with her son, Kamani, could face criminal charges after refusing to deploy to Afghanistan, saying she had no family able to care for her child. Credit: Alexis Hutchinson / AP
A soldier who is also a single mother rema...

Army Sergeant makes it to daughter's birth -- the hard way

It must really suck to be in the military and get deployed overseas when your wife is pregnant. Unfortunately, I'm sure that happens altogether far too often, especially these days. I was lucky enough to be there for the birth of both of my kids, but...


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