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How Many Extracurricular Activities Are Too Many?

Ballet, tennis, Mandarin, pottery ... where do you draw the line? Credit: Getty Images
You daughter has Little League, your son has band practice and you have a doctor's appointment. All at the same time. In three different towns. What's an a...

After-School Program Cancellations Pose Problems for Parents

When after-care closes, parents are left scrambling. Credit: wireful, Flickr
The back-to-school season is a joy for working parents. But many are facing the nightmare of cancelled after-school child care. This has led to a boom market for b...

Atlanta area school paying students to learn

It is a known fact that most kids can be motivated by money. Some parents use a cash incentive program to get their kids to do their chores and some even pay for good grades. But would you consider paying your child just for going to school? In essen...


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