The Girl Who Doesn't Age

Does Brooke Greenberg hold the key to the fountain of youth? Image: Dez Pain/
By all appearances, Brooke Greenberg is an average baby. She giggles and coos when she's happy and enjoys rocking in her swing. She can also be quite stubborn and...

Mom and Daughter Botox Addicts

Beauty in a syringe? Image:
We all know that as parents, we have a huge influence on how our children view themselves and the world in which they live. Mothers in particular play a large part in shaping the way their daughters feel about t...

Like Daughter, Like Mother

A British mom is spending big bucks to look like her daughter. Creepy or cool? It's not unusual for kids -- at least when they're younger -- to want to be just like mum or dad. It's charming, it's flattering, and it's not at all odd. After all, wh...

Aging gratefully

My mother has always said that getting old is better than the alternative. She's right, of course. But that little nugget of wisdom does not necessarily make those aging milestones easier to take. And while I completely sympathize with Jennifer's acn...

Are you suffering from caregiver syndrome?

If you aren't already caring for a family member who is aging or ill, there is a good chance that at some point you will be. According to the American Academy of Geriatric Psychiatrists, one out of every four American families is currently caring for...

Antidote to aging: kids

Every day, there's an appearance of something I've never noticed before: a crinkle under my left eye, a deeper crease on my forehead. I am aging and I can see it, so much more fully than I ever could in my twenties. My once-taut stomach has never rec...

Scientists might be able to reverse memory loss

Before my paternal Grandmother died, she lived down the road from my parents. I visited her sometimes when I came out to the coast to see my parents, but often I made excuses to myself because old folks homes smell like medicine and loss of dignity a...

Critical Conversations: Disabilities

My kids are quite familiar with wheelchairs. We volunteer once a week at a nursing home where a goodly portion of the population use them. A fair number more use walkers, canes, and other assistive devices. They're familiar with the effects of aging,...

The importance of developmental milestones

I used to sometimes wonder about the importance of developmental milestones in my children, particularly when visiting our pediatrician. Are they that useful? A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests they are. It reported that people ...


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