HIV No Longer a Death Sentence for Kids

Business Week reports most kids born with HIV survive to adulthood. Credit: Getty Images
There's no reason for HIV to spoil an otherwise happy childhood.
In fact, Business Week reports, most kids born with HIV survive to adulthood. ...
As death rate falls, doctors deal with longer-term consequences of HIV.

Children Becoming Resistant to HIV Drugs

Watch a video related to HIV drugs.
A researcher at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative laboratory works on samples. Credit: Getty Images
The war against HIV is not going well for the world's children.
The Guardian in London...
More grim news for children with HIV.

Amazing Kid: Austin Gutwein

Amazing Kid Austin Gutwein has raised millions of dollars for charity, using his favorite sport to make a difference. Credit: Courtesy of Hoops of Hope Amazing Kid: Austin Gutwein Age: 16 Grade: 11th Home Town: Mesa, Ariz. School...He was inspired to action by the story of a little Zambian girl named Maggie who had lost both of her parents to AIDS.

Many Mothers, Children Still Can't Access HIV Medicine

A Burmese doctor examines a baby with AIDS a at a special clinic for AIDS on April 29, 2009 in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). The situation for many people living with HIV in Myanmar is critical due to a severe lack of antiretroviral treatment. Credit: P...Poverty and isolation conspire against new mothers with HIV.

Celeb Mom Gwen Stefani and Bugaboo Team Up for World AIDS Day

Bid on this one-of-kind Bugaboo Cameleon designed by No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani. Credit: Bugaboo
In honor of World AIDS Day and their partnership with (RED)™, stroller-maker Bugaboo has teamed up with style icon and rockstar mom...
The one-of-a-kind Bugaboo Cameleon stroller will be auctioned off to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Barbie Designer was a Pervert?

Mattel's beloved Barbie will turn 50 on March 9th and already the stories celebrating her life and style are popping up on the Web. But, according to a new book, there are hidden secrets in the fashionable, anatomically-impossible doll's past that ar...

HIV testing for teens

England's Department of Health is recommending that everyone, starting at age fifteen, in some parts of the country be offered an HIV test by their doctor. The reason is to make the test seem more routine. "Until recently it was regarded as something...

Hanson babies just keep coming

Just last month, eldest Hanson brother Isaac and his wife Nikki had their second child, a son named James Monroe. That brought the total number Hanson babies to six, but not for long. Middle Hanson Taylor, 25, and his wife Natalie, 24, have announced...

Kyrgyz women caught HIV from nursing babies

In what can only be described as a double tragedy, a group of Kyrgyz women have contracted HIV through nursing their infected babies. Though the odds of transmitting HIV this way are extremely low, experts say that it is possible if the baby has mout...

New Jersey to test pregnant women for HIV

The state of New Jersey has moved to make HIV testing mandatory for all pregnant women, both at the start of the pregnancy and again during the third trimester. If a woman declines -- it is allowed -- then her baby will be tested. The child will also...

Female condom gets a redesign

When the female condom was introduced in the late 1990's, it didn't go over so well. Women talk about these things and I have never known one single person who ever tried one. Apparently, there was a "yuck factor" with couples finding them awkward, u...

Fewer teens becoming parents

How are America's kids doing? According to National Center for Health Statistics, they are doing very well, thank you. Fewer teens are having sex and those who are doing it, are using condoms. As a result, the teen birthrate is lower than it has ever...

Jenna Bush writes HIV "call to action"

Jenna Bush, daughter to President George W. Bush, has written a book for teens about a 17-year-old single mother with HIV. While she claims it isn't political, Bush has said the story ends with a "call to action." The book comes on the back of her UN...

Final authority: doctor or family?

In the case of a death certificate, should family wishes take precedence over truth? This, interestingly, is the center of debate between a family and a medical doctor in South Africa. Dr. Leon Wagner listed AIDS as the official cause of death for a ...

CDC wants HIV testing for everyone

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued new guidelines hoping to stem the spread of HIV and AIDS. The CDC also wants to identify people sooner who have the disease but do not know it. Dr. Timothy Mastro, acting director o...


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