Teens Mauled in Alaskan Bear Attack

You don't mess with a mama grizzly and her cubs. It was a severe lesson dealt to seven teens over the weekend, as four of them were mauled while hiking in Alaska's Takeetna Mountains.
Four of the teens were seriously injured, Reuters reports, a...
Teens were on a backpacking trek through the Alaskan wilderness.

Levi Johnston's Mother Tries to Explain Drug Arrest

Sherry Johnston -- Levi Johnston's mother, and Bristol Palin's presumptive mother-in-law -- is explaining how she wound up getting arrested last month on drug charges. Johnston, who has been charged with six felony counts of misconduct involving a co...

Alaska's First Baby Will Be a Boy

Remember Sarah Palin? Yeah we had almost forgotten about her too, but she's back in the news. This time, though, she's not angling to be the Vice President but waiting to be a grandma. Daughter Bristol Palin and presumptive son-in-law Levi Johnston a...

Sarah Palin has a name for your baby

Are you having a baby but haven't yet figured out what to call the little bundle of joy? (Hey, I understand -- despite having the best names ever, our son Tuolumne Ezra was several days old before he had a name.) Could it be that you just don't think...

Alaskans paying $11.00 a gallon for milk

You thought gas was expensive at more than four dollars a gallon, eh? Well try paying eleven dollars a gallon for milk and see how long you keep up that "no soda for kids" rule! That's the price people are paying in some parts of rural Alaska where t...

Teen mauled by bear in Alaskan bike race

This chilling incident luckily had a (mostly) happy ending. A fourteen-year-old girl was attacked by a bear during a bike race in Alaska but was saved by her 911 phone call. The teenager, who remains unnamed as of press-time, was participating in a...

What I really want for Mother's Day

Moms are great. Dads are too, for sure, but this week, and this month, we're talking mamas. And you know what? Mamas work hard. I knew when I first got pregnant that being a mom would change my life, be unlike anything I'd ever done, and be very, ve...

Alaskan governor pregnant with fifth child

Congratulations are in order for Alaska governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. The governor announced last week that she's due with her fifth child in mid-May. She's a 44-year-old mother to son Track (18) and daughters Bristol (17), Willow (13) a...

Eleven-year-old wins Alaskan State Fair contest

Eleven-year-old Brenna Dinkel of Wasilla, Alaska has a big head. No, she's not conceited; she has a big head of cabbage. Her cabbage, named Bruce, weighed in at a whopping 73.4 pounds, winning the Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off competition at the Alaska Sta...


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