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Binge Drinking More Damaging for Teen Girls Than Boys, Study Says

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Never mind getting sick, getting busted or getting hurt -- when teenage girls binge drink, they could be damaging their brains.
BBC News reports the brains of teen girls are especially prone to damage from a...
This could lead to issues when it comes to driving, playing sports, using maps or remembering how to get places.

New Jersey School District to Drug-Test Middle Schoolers

A New Jersey school board voted to start random drug testing for middle-schoolers. Credit: Getty In an effort to stamp out drugs and alcohol abuse by kids before they get to high school, a New Jersey school district voted Jan. 12 to ro...Kids in grades six through eight may be randomly tested for drugs.

Middle School Bullies More Likely to Use Alcohol, Study Says

Adolescent bullies and victims are more likely to use alcohol than those not involved in bullying. Credit: Corbis
If your child is a bully, now there's another reason -- aside from common sense and decency -- to reign in his aggressive behavior...
Bullies are bellying up to the bottle.

Drunken Baby Photos? Not So Funny

Credit: Dentsu / Lunivers de Chocolat
Call me humorless, but I just don't see what's funny or cute about photos of babies meant to look like they're drunk. In fact, I'm offended. I'll admit, when I first came upon this article from The Stir ab...

Teens Should Take a Lesson From Drunken Monkeys, Study Shows

Don't be a party animal, kids. Credit: Getty Images
Binge drinking is bad for teenagers -- and monkeys. Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif., obviously couldn't experiment on the effects of heavy drinking on actu...

Anti-Alcohol PSAs? Spare Me the Guilt and Pour Me a Drink

PSAs may actually cause college students to drink more. Credit: Getty Images
Public service announcements designed to reduce binge drinking in college students may actually lead them to drink more. A new study found that anti-alcohol PSAs th...

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

If a pregnant woman drinks during her pregnancy, she runs the risk of giving her unborn child fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy does not always lead to FAS. Doctors are unsure exactly how much alcohol can cause pro...

Teens Offered Drug User's Guide

Teens attending a government-promoted anti-drug and alcohol program in Toronto probably expected to learn about the dangers of substance abuse and maybe even some helpful ways to avoid it. What they got was some tips on how to use drugs. Among the...

Drunk dad makes 10-year-old drive

The latest nominee for the Bad Dads Hall of Shame comes from Tennessee. A dad downed 15 beers and a few mixed drinks before it suddenly occurred to him that he should have a designated driver. Since his gal pal was high on her own mixture of four dif...

The sins of Amy Winehouse's father

Singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse may be a big old mess, but according to her father she didn't get that way all by herself. 57-year-old Mitch Winehouse believes his long and not-so-secret extra-marital affair may be partly to blame for the talented yo...

Kids and alcohol: 17% try it by sixth grade

Underage drinking is every parent's concern, especially at the high school level. But a recent survey of 4,000 sixth grade students in Chicago found that 17% of sixth graders had already tried alcohol. Obviously, kids who start drinking this early a...

Lindsay Lohan and dad get some quality time

Do you miss Lindsay Lohan since she has been in rehab? Yeah, me either. But her dad, Michael Lohan, does and is planning a five-day visit with his wayward daughter this week. What's on the agenda for the family reunion? According to Michael, he's goi...

Alcoholism in children

You know, there' s some truth to the notion that if you look hard enough you can find ANYTHING. I was trolling the ether this morning when I came across a topic I'd given little thought to: alcoholism in children. Not since Drew Barrymore's now-in...

Heavy drinkers raise children with drinking problems

If you're a heavy drinker, your kids will grow up with drinking problems. That's the message of a new public health campaign in the UK, which urges adults to take a hard look at how their habits might be influencing their children's perceptions about...

Parents don't know when their teens are abusing drugs

I used to believe that I would be super-sleuth Mom to my teenage kids. I figured I knew all the tricks: how to sneak out, how to avoid alcohol detection, how to leave the door unlocked just so for easy access back into the house. But I understand now...


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