Teens on Facebook More Likely to Drink Than Their Non-Social Networking Peers

Teens who drink alcohol spend more time on the computer for fun -- listening to music and updating their online profiles -- than their non-drinking peers. Credit: Getty Images Some teens on Facebook are really putting the "social" in s...Study finds teens who use computers for socializing and listening to music are more likely to drink.

Alcohol in the Media

Advertisements leave an impression on your children. Credit: Getty Images Don't people have fun in alcohol ads? And they make a big impression on your kids. Alcohol ads have become entertainment in their own right. One of the most popu...Alcohol in the media makes a big impression on your kids.

Don't Drink With Your Kids, Says Study

Watch a video on how to talk to kids about drugs and alcohol.
13- to 15-year-olds in Australia who shared drinks with their parents developed alcohol problems later on. Credit: Paul Ellis, Getty Images "Eat your vegetables, or no mor...
Kids who drink with their parents more likely to alcohol problems, say researchers.

Teen Drug Use of Marijuana, Ecstasy on an Upswing

Drug and alcohol use are on the upswing among teens. Credit: Getty Images
Just when you thought you could take a breather from stressing over your teen doing drugs, a new study shows pot, booze and ecstasy use are on the upswing.
Ecstasy use among teens is up 70 percent since 2008.

Should Parents Who Let Teens Drink at Home Be Punished?

Should parents who let their kids drink at home be punished? Credit: Getty Images
Attention Mississippi parents: If you let your teenagers and their friends drink alcohol at your house, you could go to jail.
Mississippi Gov. Haley B...

Rich Teens Drink More, While Poor Teens Choose to Smoke, Study Shows

Watch A Related Video to This Article
Teen smoking and drinking is tied to parents' wealth, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Teens just want to have fun and, if you're a rich kid -- think Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" -- when the fo...
Turns out affluence and alcohol consumption go hand-in-hand for the teen set.

Teen Drinking at Home: Helpful or Harmful?

Parents have mixed feelings about serving alcohol to teens at home. Credit: Getty At some point, most parents will confront the issue of underage drinking with their teen -- whether it's in middle school, high school or college -- and ...Many parents do supply their teens with alcohol -- at least some of the time.

Do You Serve Your Children Alcohol at Home?

In France, many children drink alcohol at home. Credit: Martin Bernetti, AFP/Getty Images
The Wall Street Journal has a story where they wonder if parents should "teach their teens how to drink responsibly."
I guess "Just Say No" is...
A study finds that nearly 6 percent of 12- to 14-year-old have had a drink at home in the past month.

Honey, I Served the Kids: Parents Buying Booze for Teens, Study Finds

Go ahead and party, kids! Mom will bring the beer. Credit: Getty
When today's generation of parents of teens was in high school, booze was locked up in a liquor cabinet, kids were told to stay out of it and parents left education abo...
Nearly 30 percent of parents supply their teens with alcohol, a new report shows.

Warning: Drinking Can Lead to Chubby Children

A drink for Mom or Dad could mean more cake for Junior. Credit: Corbis
If you're a boozer, you're going to lose your family, friends and self respect while you die like a pig in the gutter.
And you know what else? Your kids are goin...
Parents who booze it up may end up with kids who over-eat, study shows.

Parents' Alcohol Consumption Could Contribute to Infant Deaths, Study Says

Too much partying on New Year's could put your baby's life at risk. Credit: Getty Images You may just want to rethink your New Year's plans if you have a baby in the house. Thirty-three percent more babies die of sudden infan...You may just want to rethink your New Year's plans if you have a baby in the house.

Canned Whipped Cream Spiked With Booze Gives Kids a New Way to Get Drunk

It's alcohol. No, it's canned whipped cream. No, it's both -- two ways to get high in a little spray can of joy. Dear God, the children! Won't someone think of the children?! Not to worry. Less than two weeks after federal Food and Drug...
Hey, you got whipped cream in my booze! No, you got booze in my whipped cream!

Middle School Bullies More Likely to Use Alcohol, Study Says

Adolescent bullies and victims are more likely to use alcohol than those not involved in bullying. Credit: Corbis
If your child is a bully, now there's another reason -- aside from common sense and decency -- to reign in his aggressive behavior...
Bullies are bellying up to the bottle.

Moms and Drinking: Secret After-Hour Addictions of Working Mothers

Moms are good at hiding their drinking. Credit: Getty Images
Is it "wine-o'clock" yet?" is a cry heard among many moms after a rough day with the kids, the boss and, in many cases, both. But a new study says a startling number of working mothe...
More moms are drinking their stresses away -- and keeping it a secret.

Semester Abroad Leads to More Brewskis and Vino for College Students

Drinking in college increases when students study abroad. Credit: Getty Images
In the midst of gaining cross-cultural skills, learning a foreign language and garnering a global understanding, college students studying abroad are busy raising thei...
College students are getting their drink on when they study abroad, a new study shows.


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