Kids Serving Grown Up Drinks

Alcohol and kids go together like...well, they don't really go together all that well, do they? Before kids, you might not have thought twice about polishing off a bottle of wine with dinner or enjoying a night on the town with your drinking buddies....

BWI - Breastfeeding While Intoxicated

The great thing about breastfeeding is that you never have to worry about being unprepared -- you always have your baby's food source right there with you, no matter what. So if you're out shopping or get stuck in an elevator, no problem. Ditto if yo...

Top Holiday Cocktails

At some point it seems the holidays have gotten away from the adults. Now that I am an adult with children, holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah have become synonymous with what presents we can get for the kids. Most parents forego giving presents t...

Drunk mom tries to pick up kid

A Reno, Nevada woman showed up at her daughter's preschool "grossly intoxicated" and demanded her daughter. When school officials refused to release the girl to the woman, she went on a rampage, smashing a window with a brick and assaulting the schoo...

Lindsay Lohan and dad get some quality time

Do you miss Lindsay Lohan since she has been in rehab? Yeah, me either. But her dad, Michael Lohan, does and is planning a five-day visit with his wayward daughter this week. What's on the agenda for the family reunion? According to Michael, he's goi...


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