Alcoholism in children

You know, there' s some truth to the notion that if you look hard enough you can find ANYTHING. I was trolling the ether this morning when I came across a topic I'd given little thought to: alcoholism in children. Not since Drew Barrymore's now-in...

College creates alcoholics?

A new study shows college kids binge drink more often than non-college kids. This has led researchers to declare that college breeds alcoholism. Scientists know that genetics can play a role in alcoholism and the study found that this predisposition ...

Lindsay Lohan's mother supportive of daughter's efforts to get healthy

The Lohan family is so often in the media spotlight whether it is for the father's outlandish behaviors or for young Lindsay's never ending nightlife. Most recently the Lohan mom, Dina, spoke out on a radio show about her pride in her uber famous dau...


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