Amazing Mom: Lisa Spicknall-Horner

Lisa Spicknall-Horner helps victims of domestic violence find their way. Credit: Courtesy of Lisa Spicknall-Horner
Amazing Mom: Lisa Spicknall-Horner, advocate for victims of domestic violence Lisa's Family: Husband: Elliot Horner, married 2...

Amazing Mom: Yolande Dumont

Yolande Dumont with her grandson, Ethan. Dumont Family Photo.
Amazing Mom: Yolande Dumont Yolande's Family: Husband: Julien, married 54 years; Kids: Michelle Reese, 51, Ronald, 50, Rene, 47, Raymond, 43 Yolande Lives In: Lewiston, Maine Why Yolan...

Amazing Mom: Leslie Nordin

Leslie Nordin crosses the marathon finish line, a race she did blindfolded. Credit: MarathonFoto
Amazing Mom: Leslie Nordin, who ran the 2009 Boston Marathon blindfolded to prove to her blind son, then age 4, that he can do anything. Leslie'...

Amazing Mom: Lorna Stuart

Lorna Stuart, flanked by her supportive sons, Sam, left, and Nate, is all about making uninsured people healthy. Credit: Courtesy of Lorna Stuart
Amazing Mom: Lorna Stuart, who founded The Clinic, a nonprofit medical facility for the uninsured ...

Amazing Mom: Cyndie Bellen-Berthézène

Cyndie Bellen-Berthézène gives kids a cultural life. Credit: Zoë Greenbaum
Amazing Mom: Cyndie Bellen-Berthézène, who started the New York City arts program, HiArt, and then brought it to under-served public sch...

Amazing Mom: Saranne Rothberg

Lauriel and her mother Saranne Rothberg want to make sick people laugh. Credit: Courtesy of The ComedyCures Foundation. Amazing Mom: Saranne Rothberg, founder of the The ComedyCures Foundation, which uses therapeutic comedy programs to help the sic...

Amazing Mom: Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark wants moms and daughters to get along. Credit: Courtesy of Stephanie Clark
Amazing Mom: Stephanie Clark, founder of My Daughter's Keeper, which offers counseling, mentoring, workshops and retreats to help moms and daughters deve...

Amazing Mom: Amanda Pacheco

Amanda Pacheco with her children. Credit: Ami Gutierrez, Shea Rose Photography
Amazing Mom: Amanda Pacheco, who started GetPUMPed!, an organization that provides breast milk to babies in Central Florida who, due to extraordinary circumstances, ...

Amazing Mom: Joy Rose

Joy Rose, mother, organizer, rock star, with her fabulously feminist daughter Zena. Credit: Courtesy of Joy Rose
Amazing Mom: Joy Rose, founder of Mamapalooza, a popular platform of events for moms in the arts that reaches millions of women aroun...

Amazing Mom: Amy Barzach

When baby Jonathan died of spinal muscular atrophy, his mom Amy Barzach devoted her life to creating playgrounds for kids with disabilities. Credit: Courtesy of Amy Barzach
Amazing Mom: Amy Barzach, founder of Boundless Playgrounds, a nonprofit o...

Amazing Moms: Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner bring mom issues to the forefront. Credit: Susan Rosner Photography
Amazing Moms: Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, authors of The Motherhood Manifesto: What America's Moms Want and What To Do Abou...

Amazing Mom: Brenda High

After her son committed bullycide, Brenda High launched and Bully Police USA. Credit: Sonja Yearsley
Amazing Mom: Brenda High, who founded JaredStory as a tribute to her son who took his own life as a result of being bullied, and B...

Amazing Mom: Paula Zwillinger

Paula Zwillinger works to honor her son, Bob Mininger, a Marine who was killed in Iraq. Photo courtesy Paula Zwillinger
Amazing Mom: Paula Zwillinger, founder of Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley, a nonprofit organization for parents with ch...

Amazing Mom: Maggie Dammit

Maggie Dammit and her daughters. Credit: Courtesy of Maggie Dammit
Amazing Mom: Maggie Dammit, journalist and founder of Violence Unsilenced, a website for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Maggie's Family: Husband: Dave; Kids: T...

Amazing Mom: Pam Philipp

Pam Philipp is the chief fairy godmother of Operation Glass Slipper. Photo courtesy Pam Philipp
Amazing Mom: Pam Philipp, founder of Operation Glass Slipper, which provides free prom gowns and accessories to low-income high school girls in Minnes...


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