Amazon Yanks Pedophile "Guidebook" After Twitter Storm

"The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure" is no longer available on Amazon. Credit: Amazon
When Catherine Connors clicked on a link in a friend's Twitter stream Wednesday afternoon, she found herself looking at a guide to enjoying pedophilia. ...
When one mom clicked on a link in a friend's Twitter stream Wednesday afternoon, she found herself looking at a guide to enjoying pedophilia.

Reading to Your Kids is a Crime

Do you read your kids a story before bed? The National Children's Reading Foundation recommends that you spend twenty minutes each day reading out loud to your kids. The problem is, if you follow the NCRF recommendation, you'll be committing a crime....

Amazon fights wrap rage

Last Christmas, before wrapping Ellie's presents, I opened each and every box and freed the toys from the wires, tape and plastic tabs in which they were secured. I then put the toys back in to their original boxes and wrapped them up in pretty paper...

Summer reading for kids

We are almost all packed and ready to go for our trip to New York. The only thing I haven't checked off my list yet is a new book for Ellie. Her bookcase is crammed already, but having a brand new, never-been-read story to lose herself in while we tr...

The great gift challenge

This year, for the first time in what seems like ages, there is a new member of our family: our son. We're used to getting the same old presents for our parents and siblings and grandparents, but this year we're thinking along different lines. I ...

Possibly pregnant: anaconda gets an ultrasound

How do you tell if a fourteen-foot-long snake from the Amazon rainforest is pregnant? You don't try to get it to pee on a stick, that's for sure. I wouldn't recommend being cheeky and asking either, unless you want to become lunch. That's the dilemma...

SouleMama's book on pre-order

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is the whole behind-the-scenes aspect. It is so much fun to find a blogger and see them get a book deal and learn about the entire process of the book. I'm happy to say I've enjoyed reading reading Soule ...

From our own Julie Tilsner: Mommy Yoga, a humorous look at yoga and motherhood

Blogging Baby staff writer Julie Tilsner does it all: she writes witty posts here at BB, contributes articles to Parenting Magazine and even writes her own books. Many of us can aspire to such a list, bet few have the gumption to actually pull it off...

Chasing Jordan: New novel examines loss of child, impact on marriage

Here's an interesting article from Knight Ridder about Heidi Boehringer's debut novel, Chasing Jordan, which centers around a mother who accidentally backs over her child while driving her SUV. Boehringer examines the impact this has on the protagoni...


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