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Kanani, American Girl's 2011 Girl of the Year

Say aloha to Kanani, the 2011 American Girl doll Girl of the Year. Credit: American Girl As we say goodbye to 2010, it's time to say "aloha" to the the newest American Girl doll. Kanani Akina is the brand's 2011 Girl of the Year. ...Say aloha to American Girl's 2011 Girl of the Year.

American Girl Kits Let Kids Get Crafty

We had a blast making these raccoons with our American Girl fan. Credit: American Girl Crafts In an era of video games, cell phones and email, we're thankful that our friends at American Girl keep thinking up ways to engage our little ...In an era of video games, cell phones and email, we're thankful that our friends at American Girl keep thinking up ways to engage our little girls in some good old-fashioned fun.

ParentDish Editor Debates on American Girl's Homeless Doll

Who knew a doll could cause so much controversy? On this morning's "Fox & Friends," I had the chance to enter into a debate on the appropriateness of Gwen, the American Girl doll whose story includes time spent in a homeless shelter. Take a l...

New American Doll Has Same Name as Arsonist

Rebecca Rubin -- new American Girl doll -- shares her name with an arsonist. Image:
Rebecca Rubin is American Girl's latest doll, a nine-year-old growing up in New York City in 1914, a daughter of Russian-Jewish immigrants ...

Barbie Banned in West Virginia?

It's such a shame that, after 50 years, yet another Barbie boycott is on the horizon. Sure, generations of parents have refused to forgive the doll's blatant disregard for real women's figures. But here's one lawmaker in West Virginia ready to take t...

American Girl's 2009 Girl of the Year Doll Says No to Bullies

American Girl is launching a new Girl of the Year doll for 2009; she's spunky and sassy and she's teaching girls to stick up for themselves. But she's only available for a short time, so put her on your shopping list now. Chrissa is the seventh i...

What do American Girl and Sex & the City have in common?

Strange question to ask, but the answer might surprise you even more--a lot. Other than the fact that both are viewed by female audiences, have television programming with big turnout and are being released from silver screen to the big screen, bot...

1970's are history for American Girl

Ellie is constantly asking me to tell stories about my childhood. She is fascinated by my friends, the clothes we wore and the games we played. She finds it incredible that we didn't have cable television, cell phones or microwave ovens and that we p...

Not good enough for American Girl

There are a lot of ways to create an artificial division between groups of people. Color of skin, religious beliefs, lifestyle, and, of course, perhaps one of the most common dividing lines, money. The haves and have-nots. Those of us who are among t...

Praise for the American Girls

Cute article in the New York Times about the American Girl dolls and American Girl Place in New York City. The author says it's not shocking girls want to mutilate Barbie in all her perfection, she once did it herself and if she had a Bratz doll or G...


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