Pregnancy diet doesn't contribute to food allergies in babies

It's a rare and beautiful thing when medical research actually lessens parental guilt, so savor this moment: the American Academy of Pediatrics is now saying that if your baby has certain allergies, it's unlikely to have been caused by what you ate o...

Experts urge autism screening by age 2

If the American Academy of Pediatrics gets their wish, all children will be screened for autism twice before their 2nd birthday-once at their 18 month check-up and again at the 24 month one. Although there is currently no cure of autism, a develop...

Lawnmower safety

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, about 68,000 people visit the emergency room each year due to injuries caused by power lawnmowers. More than 9,000 of those injured are children under the age of 18. What's more, according to Shriners ...


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