Obese toddlers more likely to be iron deficient

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics reveals that of the 960 U.S. kids aged 1 to 3 studied, 20 percent of those who were overweight suffered from iron deficiency. Lack of iron in the blood reduces the amount of oxygen carried through the b...

Second Time Around: Crazy Olfactory Cravings

I can't explain it, but instead of avoiding strong smells like I did in my previous pregnancy, I am LOVING odors. Especially toxic odors. Paint, gas, freshly lit cigarettes -- the list goes on. A visit to the hardware store makes me intoxicated as I ...

Iron Supplements and Pregnancy

You know, every time I go the OBGYN for a checkup, which lately seems to be nearly every other week, they seem to be recommending that I get some shot or take some supplement or do some other thing I wouldn't normally do. I am not in the habit of t...


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