Angelina Jolie Admits Breastfeeding is Hard!

At first I wasn't 100% sure Angelina Jolie breastfed any of her children. With her hectic lifestyle and, frankly, the continued awesomeness of her breasts, it seems hard to fathom that the international, goodwilling, globetrotting, A-list celebrit...

Angelina Jolie to Retire from Hollywood?

Is Angelina Jolie planning on retiring from Hollywood? The actress, who plays the role of mom a lot more often these days than she does those on screen. Now the star of The Changeling says she's planning on "fading away" from movies and Hollywood in...

Angelina's babies have personality

When do babies get personality? Some say it doesn't hit until toddler-dom while others say it happens in the womb. Angelina Jolie seems to think it's around four months. The Hollywood starlet says of the two latest additions to her ever-expanding ...

Newsflash - Brad Pitt is a great father

You know, I might just about be on Jolie-Pitt overload. I am just about up to here (am point to my post-pregnancy double chin or perhaps my neck) with how great they are, how philanthropic and what good parents they are to their ever-expanding brood ...

Angelina Jolie makes action movies for her kids

Actress and sometime do-gooder Angelina Jolie claims she makes action movies for her children. I'm not sure who got her to come out of her shell long enough to hear this information--Jolie has been tucked away safely since the birth of her twins...

Jolie wants natural childbirth for the twins

Many celebrities, it seems, don't believe in natural childbirth (and by that I mean through the vajayjay, not without drugs). Many women don't either, and they schedule c-sections (or their doctors do it for them). While I agree there is a real need ...

Blended families and the age-old question

There is a great article on New York Magazine's website (and in print) about blended families. More precisely, the article introduces us to several of these families and how they deal with that annoying--no, offensive--question of whether the paren...


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