Greeting Cards for Real (Funny) People

When you care enough to say what's really on your mind. Credit: uncooked
It seems like, no matter how hard we try, we can never find the perfect card for those important occasions. And, in our view, nothing says cornball better than your averag...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Spend Second Anniversary Apart

Fueling speculation that something is amiss in their marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent their second anniversary apart ... on opposite coasts. Katie's in New York appearing on Broadway in Arthur Miller's All My Sons, while Tom is hard at wor...

Cabbage Patch Kids turn 25!

They may be squishy-faced and innocent looking, but Cabbage Patch Kids were the first toy to turn parents into maniacal shoppers, willing to crush other moms and dads in an attempt to snag a little Newton Elwin or Addi Barbara for their own real-life...

Do you buy anniversary gifts according to tradition?

Back in the old days, folks celebrated tying the knot and keeping it tied with some pretty basic, household use-type anniversary gifts. The first anniversary, paper was exchanged. The second, cotton, the third, leather, and so on. It wasn't until th...

Play Doh scented perfume

Uhm, yeah, you read that right. The latest craze in perfumania, or just another fangirl trend? Either way, you ain't smelled nothin' 'til you've smelled play-doh scented perfume. According to hip-parent website UrbanBaby, It'll whip you right back ...

Explaining 9/11 to a child

Although my son is not even one year old, there will come a time when I need to sit down and explain to him what happened on 9/11 and why we have memorials, why we remember. At least I think I'll need to. By that time, perhaps, I'll have sorted t...

I still carry a torch

It was just over a year ago that I started writing for BloggingBaby, the precursor to ParentDish. (I got it in my head that it was the 26th, but it was actually the 21st.) The first story I did was "The night the lights went out at Ikea" and, yes, I ...

Letters from my father

My grandfather lives alone in the same farmhouse I remember as a child. I don't visit often, but my sister lives close enough to see him regularly. Grandpa is 93 and although his health is good, we know he won't be with us for much longer. With his b...

The wedding anniverary that almost was

Fifteen years ago today, I got married. Five years ago today, I got a tattoo on my hip, a voodoo symbol of protection from evil. I was in the process, that day, of getting a divorce. Today, I am anticipating my first wedding anniversary, which will b...


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