Sibling Birth Announcements: DIY Kids Craft

A baby's footprint makes for an artful and memorable birth announcement. Credit: Getty
Your family is growing, and everyone is excited to welcome home the new baby. But that doesn't mean the transition won't be without a few bumps along the way...

Celebrate Baby's Arrival with Creative Birth Announcements

When designing birth announcements, new parents might consider using creative added elements, such as a band that wraps around a photo. Credit: Alee & Press
Looking for a creative way to introduce your new baby to friends and family? While an...

Would you admit you wanted a girl (or boy)?

A reader made a comment on a recent post of mine that I thought was worth exploring. The comment was regarding how she didn't understand why some women would prefer to not have girls given that the mothers to be were girls themselves. I'd been talki...

Black & white photo announcements courtesy Martha Stewart

The photographer in me loves this idea for handmade birth announcements from Martha Stewart -- although, unlike Martha, I think this idea works just as well for adoption announcements, too: Get a roll of black and white film, and shoot the entire rol...

Comment stars: what's with them?

We at Blogging Baby were only just given the ability to apply "stars" to our commenters about a week ago, and as we've been playing around with it, we keep getting the question: what's with the comment stars? Aren't we giving them arbitrari...

Adoption Announcements

When Alexis came home to us, I immediately sent out birth announcements -- the fact that I didn't actually give birth to her didn't matter.   Besides, the announcements were timely -- she was only about 50 hours old when she first entered o...


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