Life-Size Mutant Freak Barbie Meant to Bring Awareness to Eating Disorders

Introducing ... Mutant Freak Barbie! Gasp as everyone's favorite 12-inch fashion doll stars in a brand new, big-as-life adventure where she scares the (bleep) out of everyone with her hideous proportions! What happened? Did she build her d...
Barbie's proportions disturbing when blown up to life size.

Eating Disorders in Teens Lead to Higher Suicide Risk Rates, Study Shows

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Credit: Getty Images
More teens than ever before are suffering from eating disorders -- and they're also more likely to suffer from suicidal thoughts, a new study shows. Researchers report ...
All eating disorders were associated with a higher lifetime risk for suicidal tendencies.

Facebook, Secondhand TV Spread Eating Disorders Across the World

Even if your kids aren't online, they're still under the influence of their social networking friends. Credit: Getty Images For parents who think flicking off the tube -- or possibly transplanting their kids to a remote island like Fiji...Teens are using social media for tips on dangerous weight loss.

Male Anorexia: One Boy's Story

Eric Ostendorf, left, at age 10, pre-anorexia; Ostendorf, center, at age 15 with full-blown anorexia; Ostendorf at age 17, a recovered anorexic. Courtesy of Becky Ostendorf Every day, for the first four months of his sophomore y...Eric Ostendorf was starving himself while engaging in obsessive-compulsive exercise regimens.

New Anorexia Research Indicates Genetics Are Involved

If you're anorexic, are you going to pass it on to your children? Credit: Corbis
Anorexia isn't contagious like a virus is, but according to the latest research, some children might be more susceptible to contracting the disease due to their fami...
Anorexia isn't contagious, but some children might be more susceptible to contracting the disease due to their family's gene pool.

Opinion: Don't Pressure Us to Fit Into Our Teen Jeans, Brooke

Apparently, not even 30 years, two kids and good sense comes between Brooke Shields and her Calvins. This week, in an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the 45-year-old model, mom and actress revealed that she still fits into the famous...Apparently, not even 30 years, two kids and good sense comes between Brooke Shields and her Calvins.

Orthorexia: Healthy Eating Disorder?

Beth Dunn and her son, Greye, study up on breakfast foods. Credit: Beth Dunn
When he was eight years old, Greye Dunn worried about calories and vitamins, and had a fear of sodium. That was last year. Greye, who turns 10 this week, tells ParentD...

French ban the promotion of extreme thinness

Can you imagine opening the glossy pages of a high fashion magazine and NOT seeing stick thin models? This is may be made reality in France. The French parliament's lower house has recently adopted a landmark bill that would make it illegal for anyo...

Is Nicole Richie pregnant?

Um, yeah. Because she certainly looks pregnant. In spite of her rail-thin appearance, however, the debate about whether or not Nicole Richie is carrying Joel Madden's child is raging in the tabloids. Friends say she's definitely pregnant, Richie won'...

New York Fasion Week responds responsibly to use of thin models

The New York Fashion Week, scheduled to begin this Friday, has a made a few changes to its line up. The use of super skinny models is out this year. This issue has been red hot this year, making headlines again and again. Although a rare few of us ev...

Mother of Brazilian model asks other mothers to watch their daughters' weight

Outrage over ultra thin models is reaching more and more ears. A mother of a 21 year-old Brazilian model who recently died from complications stemming from anorexia, is asking mothers everywhere to be aware of the early signs of anorexia. She says th...

Kate Winslet dishes on how to be a real mom

Kate Winslet has never made any public apologies about her body. When asked by the media about her curves, she has repeatedly said that she is a woman and a mother, why try to hide that fact by starving herself to skin and bones. For her latest movie...

Girls as young as 7 suffering from anorexia

Although it is not the norm, there have been a number of instances where girls as young as seven years-old suffer from anorexia. One such hospital that treats children with the disorder is Great Ormond Street, the famous children's hospital in centra...

Minimal Change Disease, what the heck?

I have posted a few times about an ongoing health issue with my nine year-old daughter, Cassidy. Last spring she became quite ill, stopped eating, lost five pounds and was so lethargic that she could barely get through the days. At first her teachers...

My eight-year-old son asked me if he looked fat

Yesterday morning, before school, I walked into the bathroom. I told my youngest son, age eight, to get out of the bathtub and start getting dressed for school. He was staring down at himself and asked, "Do you think I look fat, Mommy?" My son is any...


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