Sexual Assault Victims Often Lose Coping Skills

Credit: Getty Images
Young girls who are sexually assaulted often grow up less able to deal with stress and are prone to depression, obesity, anxiety and other mental and emotional problems.
MSNBC reports researchers from the Univer...
Consequences of incest stretch far into adult years.

Do You Ever Regret Leaving Your Children? Mid-Air Storm Makes This Mom Rethink Travel

There's a sudden storm over the Atlanta airport, so our plane is patiently circling. The pilot says it shouldn't be more than an extra 15 or 20 minutes. He comes back over the intercom 20 minutes later to say the storm isn't moving. Other planes a...There's a terror that builds up inside me when I think about leaving my children prematurely, no matter the reason.

Bullying Causes Stress, Anxiety Disorders, Study Finds

If mice can feel it, we can, too. Credit: Corbis
Looking for clues to what happens to your kid after a mean girl beat down? Mickey, Minnie and their mouse friends could shed some light on the stress caused by schoolyard bullies.
When other mice torment them, rodents get nervous and stressed out, too.

The College Kids Aren't All Right, They're Depressed

Today's college students are 10 percent more likely to be depressed than they were 10 years ago. Credit: Getty If your college kid texts home to say he's hunkering down in his dorm on weekend nights and too exhausted to haul himself ou...The number of college-age students seeking help for depression or anxiety is on the rise.

Worried About Your Child's School-Related Anxieties? Here's How to Help

Take your child's concerns seriously. Credit: Getty Images
Most parents anticipate a certain level of back-to-school jitters for our kids, and even ourselves, but some children's anxieties need to be taken more seriously than others. So, how does...
By knowing what to expect, parents can help their children deal with worries they might not understand themselves.

Who Loves Ya, Baby? Kids of Extra-Affectionate Moms Are Better Adjusted Adults, Study Says

Baby love is good for your little one. Credit: Getty Images
A loved baby is a happy baby. Turns out, that makes for a happy adult, too. People whose mothers showered them with affection as infants are better equipped to cope with the stresses ...

Opinion: OK, Mom, Here's Your Moment of Truth; Quit Worrying

My son said his flight was fine. There was just some turbulence over Seattle. "Merciful heavens!" his grandmother responded as if the Hindenburg had just exploded in the backyard. "Perverts in Seattle!" My mother, God bless her, is a lit...

How 'Hyper Parenting' Is Creating Stressed and Anxious Kids

If you are reading this blog right now, chances are good you know what "co-sleeping", "crying-it-out" and "attachment parenting" means. It's likely that you have uttered the words "Baby Einstein," "milestones," "Montessori" and "time-out." You could ...

Postpartum Depression Affects Dads, Too

According to a recent story by psychiatrist Dr. Richard Friedman in The New York Times, postpartum depression doesn't just affect new mothers -- fathers can suffer the devastation, too. Here are some of the most interesting points of the story. ...

Jennifer Hudson, Silver Linings, and Special Needs Bill of Rights - Links We Love

Riding in the back of the station wagon: No longer allowed. Photo:
Parents of kids with special needs now have their own Bill of Rights, thanks to Max's mom Ellen. "We have the right to expect our kids to be seen for who they are as ind...

Boys Can Have Eating Disorders Too

It's not unusual to hear about a teen girl who has an eating disorder or anorexia, but what people don't always realize is that boys can become alarmingly obsessed with their bodies, too. And it's just as serious. Dr. Phil spoke to two young men this...

Peanut Allergies - Have We Gone Too Far?

A Massachusetts school bus driver recently evacuated a bus full of children to protect them from danger ... a stray peanut that had fallen on the floor. If that seems like overkill to you, you aren't alone. Though peanut allergies have increased b...

Sick or Faking It? How to Tell the Difference

This morning -- in between bites of Cheerios -- my kindergartner told me her stomach hurt and she didn't think she could go to school. I was suspicious. But over the weekend, she had an ear infection I'd dismissed, so I'm not exactly 100% confident i...

Working Moms More Likely to be Depressed

A friend texted me the other day: "I spend my days taking care of everyone and everything," she said. "But who takes care of me?" It's a modern mom's lament. And it's more serious than a pity-party. Consider these statistics from Working Mother: ...

Will obesity in a pregnant woman sway her kid's vote?

I gotta tell ya, after reading this article, it's doubtful. Possible, sure--anything is--but doubtful. I love Olivia Judson, the biologist and oft-contributor to the New York Times. She brings out the science nerd buried not so far within me. Her ...


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