Forcing an Apology: How Bad?

Should you force your child to apologize? Credit: Photodisc At the playground recently, a tussle over sand toys ended with one mom demanding her child apologize. He wouldn't. The wronged child stood there for five minutes while the parent of the...

Denis Leary apologizes for autism comments

(Click the photo for our Top 8 Offensive Celebrity Gaffes) When Denis Leary speaks, chances are whatever he has to say is going to be a little rough around the edges. But when quotes from his new book suggested that autism doesn't exist, that autis...

Forcing kids to apologize

A new post on Slate has my mind a'swirling. Should we force our kids to apologize? The author of the article, Emily Bazelon, seems to think so. Her husband disagrees. He contends that apologizing is useless if the apology doesn't come from the hea...


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