Economy Hurting Moms More than Dads this Holiday Season?

As we all know, times are tough this holiday season. People are spending less on everything, including presents. Many parents will no doubt fore go something special for themselves in order to provide for their children. More often than not, accordi...

Embracing the goth in you (and your teen)

Blame it on The Cure. Blame it on Edward Gory. Whatever you do, though, you can't deny the Goth. The culture, the fashion, hey, the eyeliner. It's alive and well now as it always seems to have been--at least since the late seventies/early eighties...

College seeks to stop sales of Victoria's Secret gear

If you've ever seen television or been the recipient of junk mail, you are probably familiar with the lingerie chain Victoria's Secret. In addition to selling teddies and thongs, they sell apparel aimed at the college set. Their brand, Pink, ha...


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