News Flash: Women Are More Than Just Body Types and Sex Positions

After seven years of blogging about maternal mental health, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that I ended up on a media list. Some public relations person somewhere decided I would be a great person to contact with all news releases related to heal...What are the top health concerns of women? Will waistline be in the top five? Bust size? Skin tone? Waxed upper lips? NO!

Are You a Momshell?

It seems like every few months, somebody comes up with a new label for us parents. What started with Soccer Moms has evolved into an encyclopedia of terms designed to put us in our appropriate box. In the recent past, we've seen the rise of Hipster p...

Are you a hot mama?

My Rachel is definitely hot. Not that that's why I married her, of course. Still, I'm not complaining. But not everyone can be that good looking. If you'd like to find out where you fall on the hotness scale, there have been a number of websites spri...

Do your kids ever call you fat?

I know that children are supposed to be some kind of paragons of honesty and truthfulness. But frankly? I am a little sick of it. I mean, do they need to be honest every day? And do they need to be honest about my weight? Do your kids every tell you ...


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