Crayola ColorStudio HD

Drawings come to life on the new Crayola iPad app. Credit: Crayola Remember when a couple of crayons and a coloring book were all you needed for a little creative fun? Drawing the old fashioned way is still a favorite pastime for kids,...Drawings get interactive with this creative app.

Best Road Trip Apps

Long car rides can make children antsy - ease their pain with these apps! Credit: Getty Images
Road trips can be a time of family bonding and also an opportunity for whining -- these apps can help with both.
Wheels on the Bus ...
Your kid probably gets pretty antsy on those long car rides. Here are a few road trip apps to keep them entertained!

App for Mobile Phones Helps Diagnose Concussions

Credit: Eric Risberg
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) - The next tool in the campaign against concussions might be your smartphone.
A concussion expert at the University of North Carolina teamed with other head-trauma researchers to develop a...
If your kid plays a sport, you might want to download this app.

App Review: 'ABC Wildlife'

Apps that you'll love! Credit: Getty Images
Rated ON for Ages 3 and Up
What Parents Need to Know Parents need to know that "ABC Wildlife" is an innovative teaching app about animals from A to Z. The app links to YouTube videos th...
"ABC Wildlife" is an innovative teaching app about animals from A to Z.

App Review: 'Angry Birds Seasons'

Angry Bird Seasons is good for 8 and ups. Credit: Getty Images
Rated ON FOR Ages 8 and Up What Parents Need to Know Parents need to know that the latest free update of "Angry Birds Seasons" introduces 15 new St. Patrick's D...
"Angry Birds Seasons" offers 15 new levels with a St. Patrick's Day theme.

New iPad App Lets Parents Read Stories to Kids From Afar

The new bedtime story reader? Credit: Getty Images Once upon a time, long before computer games and DVDs, reading a story at bedtime was a treasured ritual for parents and their little ones. This snuggle time with Mom and Dad gave kids...Can't tuck Junior in? Have him snuggle up to an iPad.

CellSafety Mobile Application

Texting while driving is a major cause of automobile accidents. Credit: Getty
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us texting while driving is 40 percent more dangerous than drinking and driving. In fact, 15 peopl...
While we understand the dangers of distracted driving, we're not so sure our teenage drivers really get it.

Are App Books the New Pop-Up Books?

Kids used to be wowed by the ability to pull a tab and make a little cardboard bee fly back and forth on a page. Now, on an iPad book app, they can tap that bee, hear it buzz, watch it fly figure eights and maybe even swat it with their hand and sm...Remember when pop-up books used to amaze kids? Now iPad book apps are blowing the minds of parents, too.

Want to Make a Baby? Check Out the Latest App

A new IVF app may help predict the potential for pregnancy. Credit: Getty Before heading down the sometimes emotionally traumatic, often dignity-gobbling and not to mention way expensive road to conception through in vitro fertilizat...Want help predicting IVF success? There's an app for that.

Apps for Parents: ParentDish's Top 10 Picks

Can't find your car? There's an app for that. Credit: GM Every parent with an iPhone, Android device or iPad knows how much fun kids have playing with the gadgets. But, beyond the games, there are plenty of apps for parents out there t...These parenting apps will help you organize everything from potty breaks to what's for dinner.

Are Your Children Obsessed With Technology?

Forget this -- I want an iPhone. Credit: Corbis
An article in USA Today says that children, some only a year old, are more comfortable with iPhone apps than their parents. Some of these techno tykes are even asking for their own iPad for the holi...

Retro Gaming With Kids: Let Your iPhone Take You Back

Go back to the days of blips and pixels. Illustration: Christopher Healy
However you feel about them, video games make up a huge part of today's kids' pop-culture diet. But to many parents who grew up on the barely-2-D blips of "Pac-Man" and "Spa...

Need to Distract the Kids? There's an App for That

'Where's Gumbo?' is a digital lift-the-flap book. Credit: Jacob Favre
Used to be that a long flight, long line or long wait at the doctor's office was a frazzled parent's worst nightmare. But thanks to the iPhone -- and the thousands of apps desi...


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