Why Are Toys More Regulated Than Guns?

Toys are regulated more strictly than guns. Does that make you feel safe? Credit: Corbis A recent column in The New York Times has a provocative headline: Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys? Actually, it's a good question. ...I can't even buy certain cold medicines without a prescription. But I could buy a handgun.

Are You Talking to Your Kids About the Arizona Tragedy?

An attendee holds up a sign at the event honoring the shooting victims on the University of Arizona campus on January 12. Credit: David Becker, Getty Images When horrible things happen, it is sometimes impossible to keep our children fr...Children are not as delicate as some of us like to believe.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Expecting!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is pregnant -- again! The co-host of television's The View and mother of two is expecting with husband Tim Hasselbeck, former Arizona Cardinal football player. Hasselbeck made the reveal on The View: "I didn't even know for tw...

Grandma too young for Toys R Us discount

When it comes to being a grandparent, is there an age limit? According to Toys R Us there is -- it's 50 years old. When the toy giant put out a new coupon that gave grandparents the right to spoil their grandkids at the store -- to the tune of 20% of...

Couple vows to stay within 15 feet of each other... always

Out of all of the very loving, very devoted couples I know, I can't think of one that would survive -- sanity intact -- never being more than 15 feet from each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, isn't that what they say? Buddhist teachers...

Is Ashlee Simpson having TWINS?

Hear that sound? That's the rumor mill rolling again. This time it's in the direction of Ashlee Simpson. Word has it that the newly-married singer is set to follow in the footsteps of Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie by having twins...

Batman sighting shuts down school

Holy dusty chalkboard, Batman! Yes, the caped crusader is at it again, this time protecting the innocent students of suburban Phoenix. After a student at Desert Arroyo Middle school spotted the superhero running across campus, three area schools were...

Kids and grandma arrested over school project

Four students and a 75-year-old grandmother were filming a school project in Scottsdale, AZ. The film was meant to represent a kidnapping, but some overzealous neighbors were fooled and called police. All four kids involved in the "kidnapping," incl...

29-year-old posed as 12 to get into school

In possibly one of the oddest stories I've read in awhile, two men who were "victims" in a crime also turned out to be criminals themselves. An Arizona charter school called the police after discovering that a potential student, who claimed to be 12,...

Safe Haven laws eventually lead to adoptions

Every now and again we see and hear some horrible story about an abandoned infant found in a garbage dump or some other place where they are basically left to die. We eventually find out that the birthmother and/or birthfather could not care for the ...


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