Will a Daytime Curfew Keep Kids in School?

In case you were feeling like a good parent this week, the city of Dallas wants to remind you that you're not. In order to combat juvenile crime, city officials are proposing a daytime curfew, with fines of up to $500 for kids who are out and about d...

Man Arrested for Posting Baby Swinging Video

When I watched this video of a man swinging a baby in an alarming manner , I thought it was fake. Actually, I still think (and truly hope) it's not real. But shortly after I watched the original video, it was pulled from YouTube for violation of user...

Boy shares home with horse

Police in Modesto, California have arrested a couple on charges of felony child endangerment and placed the woman's son in the care of child protective services. It turns out the couple had a "mini-horse" and seven dogs living in the house with them....

Reward for condom stealing teens

I once heard that Preparation H is one of the pharmacy's most stolen items, not because it is an expensive product, but because people are too embarassed to admit they have hemorrhoids to random cashiers. I'm not sure if it's true, but it makes sense...

Dad released from prison to be kidney donor for son, instead flees the country

We may have just discovered the most selfish parent on the planet. Keith Perkins, a 38-year-old career criminal, was temporarily released from prison to donate a kidney to his ailing son. But instead, he chose to flee the country, leaving the boy to ...

Arrested teen brought starter pistol to school

Police were called to Carleton North High School on Wednesday, where they arrested a 17 year-old boy who had brought a starter pistol to school. The police arrived expecting a "firearm," but quickly realized that the boy had only a replica weapon. ...


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