White lies and the parents who tell them

We all tell white lies. If we say we don't, to each other and ourselves, we're telling a white lie right then and there. We tell them to other adults, and we certainly tell them to our kids. More often than not, we tell the white variety of the li...

Is worrying a waste of time?

I don't know about you, but worrying is one of my top hobbies. I come from a long line of worriers--it's simply what I do. Therefore, parenthood was a natural progression for me; now I have a place to focus most of my worrying and perhaps some good...

Are mama's boys for real?

I don't know about in this country, but in Italy apparently they are. Of all the fears I have for my son, perhaps the one that gets to me the most is that I will turn my son into a mama's boy. Is there anything I want more than to keep my son around...

Running while pregnant?

Can you run while you're pregnant? Sure, you probably CAN, but should you? I always have had that debate, both with myself and my OBGYNs. They generally hold that one should not run while one is pregnant. Ultimately, I've concurred with them and ha...

Unschooling: practical or dangerous?

Unschooling is a new term on the home schooling curriculum, and one that's caused more than a little controversy. "Unschooling" is essentially the rejection of the attributes of a conventional education: the books, the classes, the curriculum and the...

Pacifiers: hindrance to breastfeeding?

I had purchased a few infant pacifiers prior to giving birth to Nolan. I didn't know much about them, other than that lots of parents had told me that they could bring sweet respite from an endlessly crying baby. My lactation nurse at the hospital...


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