Man sues to get son out of catholic school

Jennifer Jordan wrote about a couple that is being told they cannot adopt because of their beliefs -- or more accurately, their lack of beliefs. At the heart of that issue is one judge's belief that the state constitution, which says "no person shall...

Atheism and parenthood

Not so long ago I wrote a few articles about my religious convictions (I have none) and the possibility of those for my son. He doesn't have any, yet, that I know of. After all, he's a wee nine months old. Recently, Time Magazine posted an article ...

The Golden Compass points away from Narnia

When I was a pre-teen, I read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series. Afterwards, my brother asked me if I got the symbolism. Apparently, Aslan, the lion, is supposed to represent Jesus or something. I didn't get it, even after I knew it was there. C...

Boy scouts get the bill for discrimination

Remember the Cradle of Liberty Council of Boy Scouts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? The third largest group of scouts in the country, they have enjoyed the use of city-owned property as their headquarters for nearly 80 years. That, however, was befor...

Those Friday folders, again

Remember last year when Jerry Falwell's Liberty Council fought for -- and won -- the right to send religious information home in the "Friday folders", and then got their knickers in a twist because other, non-Falwellian religions took advantage of it...


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