One-Sport Young Athletes Double Risk of Injury, Report Finds

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One sport? Double your chance of getting a sports related injury! Credit: Corbis
The days of being a well-rounded athlete are quickly becoming ancient history.
Today's young jocks are incre...
Kids who played multiple sports were injured less often than their one-sport focused peers.

Give Me 10 ... Thousand: Parents Shell Out Small Fortunes for Kids' Personal Trainers

Kid serious about soccer? Better get her a trainer now. Credit: Getty
Earning a spot on the Little League roster is no longer enough. Parents are now investing in personal trainers to make sure their kid becomes the star player, sacrificing s...
Parents are now investing in personal trainers to make sure their kid becomes the star player, sacrificing savings and sometimes their child's health in the process.

Jump rope goes varsity!

Remember jump rope? Some of you, as I did, may have spent hours if not the equivalent of days hopping up and down between two friends and a couple of ropes, trying not to get tangled. Some of the more adventurous (and graceful) spent their time per...

Pee Wee football player embarrasses competition

I'd never seen this video (originally posted in May, from a game that took place in 2006), but it's just re-surfaced around the Internets, and -- if you're into football -- it's amazing. Cody Paul, a member of the Los Alamitos Griffins, makes his...

Too much pressure causing kids to quit sports

Thanks to excessive pressure from parents and coaches, seventy percent of children have quit team sports by the age of 13. Why? According to experts, it is the "professionalization" of athletics, where having fun is placed of lower importance than be...

School involvement and kids' health risks

Getting teenagers more active in school life may lower the odds that they will smoke, drink, use drugs or have sex. This was suggested by a study, summarized on MedlinePlus and presented in the September issue of American Journal of Public Health. In...


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