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Lost Loveys Found on EBay (For a Price)

Maybe it happens halfway into an eight-hour trip home from Grandma's or after a particularly hectic day at the grocery store. It's that sinking feeling you get when you realize your child's lovey has gone missing for good. How can one missing blanket...

Halloween tips, woobies, and kindergarten naps - Links we love

Kids are expensive enough, find out how to entertain them for free. -- AlphaMom Election 08 -- are you still undecided? Find out which candidate has the better health plan for your kids. -- Babble Jada Pinkett Smith talks about raising emotionally he...

Babies and their beloved loveys

With the exception of a short relationship with a stuffed lamb named Sheepy and a long-term love affair with a pacifier, neither of my girls have formed a lasting attachment to any sort of lovey (or the more scientifically named "attachment object")....


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