Meet MamAmor, the Doll That Gives Birth

Would you get your kid a doll that gives birth? Credit:
We've seen a lot of dolls here on ParentDish. There was Bebé Glotón, the breast-feeding doll. Then there was the pole-dancing doll. There's also new Barbie Vid...
Not only does the doll "give birth," complete with placenta, but she also breastfeeds.

Is Generation X Raising Generation Rude?

They say kids today are ruder than ever. The question is ... why? Image: BurningQuestion on Flickr.
Gen-Xers are champions of attachment parenting; we're a sling-wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding bunch. Heck, we even invented things like unscho...

Mother's Touch Turns on Parenting Genes

With their roly-poly sausage thighs, dimpled hands and neck rolls, babies are made for cuddling. They fit perfectly in the crook of an elbow and sleep best curled up on top of a person who loves them. All that snuggle time serves an important purpose...


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