attention deficit 

Katherine Ellison, Author of 'Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention,' Understands Distraction

Katherine Ellison deals with ADHD in many different ways. Credit: Nick Rozsa
You don't have to have Attention Deficit Disorder to get a lot out of "Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention," the new memoir by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Katherine...
Ellison makes a point in her book that our entire society -- this writer included -- is growing increasingly prone to distraction.

ADHD is Genetic, Study Shows

ADHD isn't caused by bad parenting or a poor diet. Credit: Getty Images
It's all in the genes. Or so says a new study, which researchers believe provides the first direct evidence that attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder -- commonly kno...
This is the first direct evidence that ADHD is a brain development disorder, researchers write in a new study.

Kids Have Trouble Paying Attention? Video Games May Be to Blame

Attention problems can continue into adulthood. Credit: Corbis
Say your child is having trouble paying attention in school? Turn off the video games. A new study shows the more time kids spend playing video games, the more likely they are to...


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