Love and Attention a Matter of Life and Death for Kids

Children institutionalized early in life have shortened telomeres, which may lead to health consequences. Credit: Getty Images
We all want love and attention, and for good reason: It is quite literally a matter of life and death.
Study shows children age faster, die younger, without TLC.

Twitter Post on Child Abuse Crosses Line

A blogger who goes by the name Thordora recently tweeted something rather alarming on Twitter, an online site where posters talk about what they're doing or thinking at any given moment in 140 characters or less. Thordora is mom to a 3-year-old daugh...

When is attention to your children, too much?

I just returned from a fun errand with Truman in the bike trailer. We hung out downtown, where everyone commented on his happy perfection. A man heading to his smoke break helped me park the trailer, which wanted to poke out into the truck loading zo...


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