Breastfeeding Pics Banned, Apple Gadgets Help Autistic Kids and More

Breast may be best as far as the World Health Organization is concerned, but not according to Facebook. The social networking site has removed portraits of breastfeeding women created by a British Columbia artist. The iPad may look like the lates...

A Little More: Saying grace

Here's one thing you might not know about my son Avery: before each meal, he insists that we all say grace. In our family, that means we join hands and say a little prayer, a simple rhyme for babies and small children that goes like this, "God is ...

Jenny McCarthy takes on panelists on Larry King Live

I grow to respect Jenny McCarthy more every day. It's hard to believe the woman I continually see in the media fighting for autism got her start on MTV's Singled Out (and Playboy). Call her crazy, call her whatever you want, but this woman is fight...


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