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News Flash: Jenny McCarthy Is Not, In Fact, a Scientist

Jenny McCarthy speaks at a 2008 Washington, D.C., rally calling for healthier vaccines. Credit: Brendan Hoffman, Getty Images
You hear the rooster crow. You see the sun come up. The cause-and-effect relationship here is obvious. All hail the c...
Children may be getting fewer vaccines, based on expert advice from former Playboy playmate.

Researchers Blast Another Link Between Autism and Vaccines

Pediatricians say you don't have to delay vaccines. Credit: Getty Images
Some myths never go away; they just change form. Take the whole debate over autism and child vaccines. People who insist autism is caused by childhood vaccines saw their ...

Opinion: Parents' Attitudes Contribute More to Autism Than Vaccines

You hear the rooster crow. You see the sun come up. All hail the chicken god! That's the problem with observational evidence. It can be very misleading, especially when you're desperately groping for answers to life's most profound mysteries....

Majority of Parents Vaccinate Children, Despite Fears of Autism

Their children's tears aren't the only reason parents hate getting their kids vaccinated. While the vast majority of parents believe vaccines prevent their children from getting sick, many still harbor doubts as to their safety, according to a stud...


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