Kids With Special Needs Get (Gasp!) Bullied

Credit: Getty Images
Brace yourselves for a shocker. Kids with special needs -- who struggle with medical, emotional or emotional issues -- tend to have more problems in school and are bullied more often than other kids.
Researchers point out obvious, but also call for communities to help kids.

iPads a Miracle for Autistic Kids - Or Not

Fighting autism with an iPad? Credit: Jeff Chiu, AP
You know what kids with autism need? iPads!
KTAL, the NBC affiliate in Fort Worth, Texas, reports a local school is getting two dozen iPads to help autistic children. "The iPad ...
Jury still out on how much iPads can help kids with autism.

New Blood Test for Autism Seems to be On the Way From Dr. Manny

Credit: Alex Livesey, Getty Images On June 9, we commented on a scientific study that proved that autism in children can be caused by a random genetic mutation that could occur at any one of hundreds of different sites in the human gen...Despite the countless studies that have been done on autism and it's dramatically growing numbers, there are still many people who don't believe in the reality of the autism spectrum.

Autism is Caused by Environmental Factors -- Maybe

After a study of twins in the 1970s, Autism became regarded as a genetic disorder. Credit: Mario Tama, Getty Images
Your child wasn't born with autism; He got it from eating turkey.
Food allergies, once discredited as a cause of aut...
New study on autism opens to widespread criticism.

Out Of Sync Brains Provide Clues to Autism

Credit: Getty Images
Pop quiz: Your child has autism because:
A. He is allergic to turkey. B. Small pox vaccines are evil! C. He was born on the 8th of the month, and, according to your study of numerology, that's bad. Sorr...
Researchers offer glimpse into how autistic brains are wired.

Fever During Pregnancy May Cause Rise in Austim Risk

Fevers during pregnancy could increase the risk of autism, sutdy shows. Credit: Corbis Catching a cold -- or even the flu -- when you're pregnant is no big deal, but new research says running a fever could cause an increased risk of de...A series of new autism studies show pregnancy health links to the disorder.

Brain Scans May One Day Diagnose Autism

Technology may soon lead to autism discovery via scans. Credit: Getty Images
Someday soon a brain scan might be able to tell you why your child is obsessed with trains and incessantly quotes "The Simpsons."
He may have autism, and a...
Scans show differences in autistic brains.

Taking Prenatal Vitamins in First Month of Pregnancy Can Reduce Autism Risk, Study Finds

Prenatal vitamins reduces chances of autism. Credit: Corbis Doctors have been telling women for years to take their prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, but now there's new reason to start taking them before you even plan to have a baby...Prenatal vitamins taken before pregnancy or in the first month can help ward off autism.

One in Six U.S. Kids Reportedly Developmentally Disabled

At least one in every six children is now considered developmentally disabled. Credit: Getty Images Some say there is an epidemic of children with autism and ADHD. Others say it is really an epidemic of hyperactive parents, teachers, c...Is there an epidemic of hyperactive kids or hypersensitive adults?

Opinion: Parents of Austic Children Have More to Celebrate Than Mourn

No matter how you slice it, it's a stressful job, and the hours stink. But the rewards? Phenomenal. Credit: Getty Images
I am the single father of an autistic teenager.
And I mean single. I am all alone here. My son's mother live...
As parents, we should appreciate what we have rather than whining about what we don't.

Autism Takes Grim Financial Toll on Families, Especially Moms

Mothers suffer the most financially from having an autistic child, according to U.S. News & World Report. Credit: Getty Images
Imagine being a child with autism.
Even in the mildest cases, you constantly feel out of sync with th...
Study says mothers of autistic kids take lower-paying, more flexible jobs.

South Korean Autism Study Shows Rates May Be Much Higher Than Thought

2.6 percent of the children had autism -- more than two times the average rate reported in developed nations. Credit: AFP/Getty Images A six-year study looking at autism rates in a South Korean city could lead to new global estimates o...Researchers found 2.6 percent of the children studied had autism.

Autism Questions Answered by Doctor

Watch a video on detecting signs and symptoms of autism.
Parenting a child with autism raises many questions. Credit: Corbis
As a doctor and a parent of a child with autism, I get a lot of questions in my practice (and in my email ...
A doctor and father of a child with autism answers reader's questions.

Why I Quit Using the Word 'Retarded'

I'm a child of the '80s. We had our own lexicon back then. Words we used the way people now use "holla" and "unfriend." One of the words was "whale," as in, "Seniors Whale," as in, seniors are really cool and far superior to all other forms of you...If using the "R-word" hurts, why use it?

How to Obtain Guardianship for Adults With Autism

Credit: Corbis Once a child turns 18, he or she is legally considered an adult and, therefore, permitted to make his or her own choices. For children who have difficulty managing their emotions, expressing themselves and executing day-...Many parents of teens with autism are learning they are not automatically considered their child's legal guardian.


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