A 5-Minute Test Could Identify Autism in Kids as Young as 1

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A simple questionaire can diagnose your 1-year-old. Credit: Getty Images
A five minute, 24-question test could help determine if your child is at risk for autism at the age of 1.
Time repor...
A five minute, 24-question test could help determine if your child is at risk for autism at the age of one.

Study Finds High Mortality Rate Among People With Both Autism and Epilepsy

People who are both epileptic and autistic have an 800 percent higher chance of dying than people who just have one or the other. Credit: Getty Images Epilepsy and autism. Either condition, by itself, is a raw deal. Together, however...Doctors stress importance of early diagnoses.

Bubbles Draw Attention to Autism as N.J. Woman Seeks to Break World Record

Blow Bubbles 4 Autism wants to set a new world record. Credit: AP It was four years ago that 34,529 people in England all blew bubbles at the same time. That's a world record, but it won't be much longer. Isabelle Mosca is dete...Autism advocates try to set new world record for blowing bubbles.

Autism: 2 New Reports Shed Spotlight on Hope, Challenges

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A recent study suggests the potential for wandering may be more dire in children with autism who have a tendency to flee. Credit: Getty Images It's Autism Month and two new studies shine the spotlight o...
For parents of a child with autism, challenges loom larger. But there's hope.

Treatments for Autism: What Works, What Doesn't

Watch a video on how autism can be treated.
Credit: Getty Images Moms of kids with autism usually try everything under the sun -- from medications to diets to behavioral therapies -- to help their kids. But there's new guidance in th...
There's new guidance in the world of autism treatment: While medications can be a mixed bag, behavioral interventions can help -- a lot.

Autism Awareness Month Merchandise

Credit: In honor of April's Autism Awareness month, is featuring merchandise in support of the condition. A portion of the proceeds from these autism-themed products will be donated to Autism Speaks, an auti...In honor of April's Autism Awareness month, is featuring merchandise in support of Autism.

Children With Autism Learn Life Skills at School's Coffee Shop

Kids with autism learn life and business skills by running their own coffee shop. Credit: Getty Images Across the country, parents of children with autism regularly battle local school districts to secure the best possible education fo...At a New Jersey middle school, children with autism or multiple learning disabilities step out of the classroom and into the business world on Friday mornings when they run their own coffee shop.

Autism Support Services Underused by Young Adults, Survey Finds

There appears to be a big drop off in the use of services for young adults with autism after they graduate from high school. Credit: John Dowland, Getty Images
If your child has been identified as having an autism...
The use of these autism support services by young adults with spectrum disorders appears to decline after high school, according to a new report.

Should Autistic Children Go to Separate Schools?

Does an autism diagnosis warrant a different school? Credit: Getty Images Should children with autism have schools of their own? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie thinks so. But not everyone agrees. The New Yo...New Jersey Governor Chris Christie thinks so. But not everyone agrees.

On Ramp to Autism: Do Freeways Trigger Autism?

Pregnant women living near freeways were almost twice as likely to have a child later diagnosed with autism, the neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by deficits in social interaction and communication. The freeway hypothesis sounds reaso...Despite media attention, this study doesn't deliver much.

Autism Risk Higher With Closely-Spaced Pregnancies

The timing of pregnancies could affect autism odds. Credit: Getty Images More fuel to throw on the burning autism debate: A new study says how closely together children are born may play a role. Second children who are conceived with...Second children who are conceived within a year of their older sibling's birth were more than three times more likely to be diagnosed with autism, according to a study.

Theaters Nationwide Host Special Movie Screenings for Kids With Autism

Parents with autistic children can hit the movies with their kids at Sensory Friendly Films screenings. Credit: Getty Images There may be a "Silence is Golden" policy at the AMC movie theater chain, but this weekend certain moviegoe...Autism Society, AMC have partnered to screen new movies for autisic children.

Doctor Who Linked Autism to Vaccines Accused of 'Deliberate Fraud'

With the retraction of the MMR-autism study, there is no scientific evidence linking the two. Credit: Getty If you're one of the increasing number of parents who cite "conscientious objection" to have the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR...A new report shows link between vaccines and autism was actually an elaborate hoax.

Kim Stagliano, Author of 'All I Can Handle: I'm No Mother Teresa,' on Raising 3 Kids With Autism

Jacket design by Adam Bozarth It's a known fact that boys are affected by autism more than girls are -- the oft-quoted statistic is four to one. So it's shocking to many, including the mom herself, that Kim Stagliano has three daught...
The author says we're normalizing autism, "And that's a real concern for me."

A Trivia Contest Against Kids With Asperger's Syndrome? You're About to Get Schooled

A group of New York students with "learning disabilities" have their supposedly talented and gifted counterparts eating humble pie these days. This David and Goliath story illustrates what many parents of kids with autism and Asperger's syndrome...You really don't want to get into a trivia contest with kids who have Asperger's syndrome.


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