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Music Review: 'What the Hell' by Avril Lavigne

Amazon.com Rated ON for Ages 12 and Up What Parents Need to Know Parents need to know that "What the Hell" is a single about throwing caution to the wind and behaving without boundaries. Though it doesn't include profanity beyo..."What the Hell" by Avril Lavigne is a single about throwing caution to the wind and behaving without boundaries.

When Avril (and other celebrities) attacks

It looks like celebrities are getting tired of the paparazzi chasing them, harassing them, outing them and lying about them. And now they're striking back. Recently the Internet waves were atwitter with talk that 23-year-old singer Avril Lavigne...

Is Avril Lavigne pregnant?

While you can't assume a girl is pregnant just because she walks into a baby store, it certainly does raise some eyebrows. Especially when the girl is punky singer Avril Lavigne and the purchases are rock and roll baby items like a cheetah print diap...

What's hot for back to school tween fashion

In my house we have a little bit of everything when it comes to age variety. There is the teenage boy, 14. The tween girl, 10. And lastly, the preschool boy, just a couple weeks shy of three. There is noise galore, demands, squabbling, much driving a...


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