Olympic Fun at Home: Cooperation Meets Competition

A Facebook friend posted yesterday that his four-year-old son was speed skating non-stop in the living room. Apparently, this dad had his finger on a trend, because reports began pouring in from other parents. Pairs figure skating in the dining room....

ParentDish a Webby Awards Honoree

The Webby Awards are the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, and the team here at ParentDish is proud to announce that we've been recognized as an Official Honoree in the Family and Parenting category. Traditionally, W...

Good Housekeeping's Very Innovative Products

Good Housekeeping, like many magazines, gets inundated with new products that manufacturers hope they will review favorably. Some they do and, of course, some they don't. Each year, however, some of those products stand out from the rest. Now, Good H...

Lionel has some fun at Nicole's expense

Music legend Lionel Richie recently had a little fun at his daughter, Nicole Richie's, expense. The singer was speaking at the TV Land Awards where he was being honored with the Icon Award when he had a few words to say about Ms. Richie. Said Lion...

Breastfeeding achievement awards

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the best option for a baby's nutritional needs. But it's not easy. A lot of people, for a lot of reasons, can't make it work and that's okay. But if you can, it's a wonderful thing and something to be proud of. If you can...

Boy wins "Most Likely Not to Have Children" award from teachers

How would you feel if your child came home with the "Most Likely Not To Have Children" award? That's the dubious honor bestowed upon Matt Porter, a sixth-grade student from Indiana, during a mock ceremony organized and hosted by two of his teachers. ...


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