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Sanjaya makes me cry onesie

I think I am the only living soul in North America who does not watch American idol. I know it exists, because one of my day job bosses writes about it on a regular basis. Also, my recent issue of US magazine had a photo of Brad Pitt in a mock-Sanjay...

Weighing in on baby scales

Now that Tom Cruise shelled out for that fancy sonogram machine, everyone and their monkey will be making domestic versions of equipment normally reserved for doctor's offices and hospitals. Daysitter, the new blog from Cookie Magazine, is promoting ...

What's up with the Moses baskets?

Moses baskets seem to be everywhere lately. I read tid bits about celebrities buying them for their babies. I see them in the stores. I even received one at my baby shower for my son. But what I have to wonder is why? I just don't get them. I can se...

Strollers: is bigger better?

Last week I was riding the bus to work. It leads to the downtown core, and it's crowded and sweaty and people line up in their trench coats like so many solemn sardines, trying uselessly to not brush up against one another. At the second-last stop be...

Bumbo baby seat: the babysitter

I'm always stunned at how quickly baby gear changes, the gear available when my daughter was born 7.5 years ago is so different from the gear available now. Maybe it just feels like the gear changes really fast, since the years fly by so quickly when... features celebrity parent's gear

Are you dying to know what baby gift Halle Berry chose for a baby shower? Or which bibs the Beckham's like to put on their offspring. Don't deny it, you're dying to know. Or maybe you're like me and just dying to see the incredible amount of disposab...

Ultimate Throw

It took me a ridiculously long time to start putting a blanket in my car to have on hand for impromptu visits to the park. I like this one from because it folds up nice and neat and it's a little more stylish than my freebie marketing b...

Kate Spade keeps on designing for babies

The Baby Chic 101 blog always has unique and fashionable gear ideas for hipster parents and their slave-to-fashion babies. Today's post is no exception. They've got the run-down of all of Kate Spade's latest and greatest designs for your trendy baby....


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