baby blues 

Tracy Moore: Host of CityLine on Sleep Deprivation and Kicking Parenting Books to the Curb

According to Tracy Moore, a strong work ethic runs in her family. Quite obviously, it's something she inherited. As if the challenges of parenting a newborn weren't enough, Tracy Moore took on the high-profile job as host of daily chat show CityLine...

Baby gender and baby blues

A recent article on MSN asks the question: Are baby boys more depressing? Seems there is some thought out there that gender plays a role in the amount of a new mom's post-partum depression. PPD, also known as the baby blues, affects many women (10% ...

Bill passed to expand postpartum depression research

It is thought that as many as 80 percent of new mothers experience some sort of postpartum depression. These women suffer mood swings and often feel irritable and overwhelmed after giving birth. Between 10 and 20 percent of new mothers suffer from mo...

Mom gets her placenta back

This kind of grosses me out a little bit, but I am just going to go with it. A Las Vegas mother has won her battle with Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to keep the placenta that resulted from her daughter's birth. Originally, Anne Swanson's inten...

Hormones After Pregnancy: What's the Norm?

What is it with these pregnancy hormones? I haven't been pregnant for over three months, yet there they are, still lurking in my system, ready to pop up unannounced and unexpected when I least want them to. Like at job interviews or when I am trying...

Maternal depressive symptoms and early parenting practices

Have you ever wondered about the parenting practices of those mothers who suffer depression after giving birth? I have. An article in a recent issue of Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine answered a few questions I had. The study was aimed ...

Dads get the baby blues, too

Watch out Tom Cruise, a new study released on Monday revealed that up to 10% of new fathers have been diagnosed with postpartum depression. The study, conducted by Dr. James F. Paulson, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical...

Treatment intervention on parenting stress in postpartum depressed

Maybe you or a friend were depressed following the birth of your child. This can be a normal reaction when the depression goes away after a few days. However, what if you experience postpartum depression? If you do, you may think you can muddle throu...


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