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Don't Expect Much Inheritance From Baby Boomer Parents

Credit: Karen Bleier, Getty Images Your baby boomer parents might -- might -- leave you their collection of Frank Zappa albums and those stylish water pipes they used for, uh, smoking tobacco. They may have shared...Boomers say they don't trust anyone under 30 with their estates.

Baby Boomer Mothers Have Boomerang Children, Survey Finds

They depend on you now and they will depend on you later. Credit: Getty Images
Empty nest? Ha! Not so much.
Odds are, if you have grown children, you support them financially. At the very least, they considered you Mama Savings and ...
Boomer children returning to the nest, but it may not be because of finances.

Faith Of Our Fathers? Survey Says Not So Much

Young Americans are less religious than their parents, a new study shows. Credit: Corbis
"Faith of our fathers, holy faith, we shall be true to thee 'til death." Maybe so. Maybe no. The old hymn might not ring true anymore. A study releas...

Don't Call Me Grandma

Too cool for Grandma and Grandpa? Image:
Baby boomers, those born between the years 1946 and 1964, have never been known for maintaining the status quo. Born into the optimistic times after World War II, they rejected the staid, traditiona...

First baby boomer applies for social security

Time to start maxing out those retirement accounts! The very first baby boomer, Kathleen Casey-Kirschling, (born one second after midnight on Jan. 1, 1946) has filed for Social Security benefits. Casey-Kirschling, a retired school teacher will start ...

Fewer babies for liberals

An interesting article in Canada's Leader Post suggests that the shrinking birth rate may mean more than just an increased financial burden on workers supporting the vast baby boomer population. The article suggests that trends in family size point ...


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