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Snazzy Baby Deluxe 3 in 1 Combo Carrier

Keeping track of all of the baby supplies can be exhausting. And when you're heading out for a trip? Forget it. There's barely room to fit the baby in, the car gets so packed. Which is why we appreciate great items that can do double -- even t...Multi-purpose baby carrier? Yes, please.

Carry On

Pretty as a peacock. Credit: Serena & Lily
Keep your baby close and comforted while you're on the go with Serena & Lily's Peacock Market Sling. Even better? It also can help maintain privacy while nursing. Made from one seamless piec...

Cool Carrier

Finally, a fashion-conscious carrier. Credit: Petunia Pickle Bottom
Sometimes a sporty Baby Bjorn just doesn't go with your outfit. For the fashionista mom (and dad!), Petunia Pickle Bottom has designed this hot little number -- a felt and...

Find the Right Baby Carrier

Hands-free parenting wouldn't be possible without one crucial bit of gear: baby carriers. In fact, a lot of things wouldn't be possible: Remember that, while negotiating passage of the continent and translating for Lewis and Clark, the teenaged...

Carry On

This baby carrier is all about comfort and options. Credit: Cybex
This sleek-looking German import just might be the carrier you've been waiting for. The Cybex 2.Go Carrier offers maximum comfort (the baby's weight rests on your hips, not shoul...

Green To-Go: BabyBjorn Organic Baby Carrier

Cradle your bundle in an Earth-friendly carrier. Credit: BabyBjorn
If you've got a baby, chances are you've got a Bjorn. So good news for eco-conscious moms: BabyBjorn has just introduced a green line of carriers and bouncers made from cert...

Action Baby Carriers - Product Recall

Optave Inc., of Alpena, Michigan, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their Action Baby Carriers. The chest strap on the carriers can come loose from the shoulder straps, potentially allowing the baby ...

Product Recall: Ellaroo infant sling carriers

About 1,200 Ellaroo Ring Sling Baby Carriers are being recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission because of a fall hazard. The aluminum rings on the sling have a tendency to bend or break, which can cause the fabric to slip through and ...

Peekaru solves the coat/baby carrier dilemma

Winter is right around the corner (at least I HOPE it is, because I'm ready) which means that it's time to think about how to keep the baby warm when you run to the grocery or take the dog for a walk or stroll over to the coffee shop. I always used a...


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