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Jack & Salma Animal Bib T-Shirts

Jack & Salma's elephant bib T-shirt is the height of cuteness. Credit:
Sadly, drool and other messes don't just happen at meal time, when you've had time to secure a bib to your baby.
But, with Jack & Salma'...
Gwyneth Paltrow endorses this cute bib T-shirt.

Zutano Organics

Zutano's organic "Forest Fun" collection is sure to bring tidings of joy. Credit: Zutano
Is there a little fashionista on your holiday list this season? Treat her -- or him -- to Zutano's new organic line. Pieces from the Vermont-based childre...
Is there a little fashionista on your holiday list this season? Treat her -- or him -- to Zutano's new organic line.

Too Cute: Faux Shoe Socks for Babies

With so many fabulous styles to choose from, you'll wish you had more little feet to dress up. Credit: Trumpette If you're looking for a super cute baby gift, Trumpette's socks are a must-buy. With dozens of faux-shoe desi...With so many fabulous styles to choose from, you'll wish you had more little feet to dress up.

Style-Minded Moms May Be Saving, but They're Spending on Their Pint-Sized Shopzillas

Author Sophie Kinsella shops in the children's section at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Credit: Bebeto Matthews/AP
Sorry style-conscious moms, there will be no Birkin bags or Balenciaga booties for you this season. Even confirmed shopaholics like...
I may be wearing Kmart, but it's Kate Spade for my kid!

Baby Girl Clothes: Our Favorite Retailers

Find cute and affordable baby girl clothes at Old Navy. Credit: Old Navy
Let's be honest: Sleepless nights, early morning feedings and changing dirty diapers aren't exactly the most fabulous parts of parenthood. But one task we can totally get ...

Designer Baby Clothes for Less

Ooh! Do you think that comes in my size? Credit: Brooke Fasani, Corbis
If there's anything more fun than shopping for yourself, it's shopping for your baby. But while some of the designer baby clothes out there are beyond adorable, they're al...

'Bachelorette' Trista Sutter Dishes on Her Baby Fashion Line

Trista and Ryan Sutter's kids Blakesley and Max model items from her new line for My Vintage Baby. Credit: My Vintage Baby
Anyone who doesn't believe in the possibility of happy endings, hasn't met Trista Sutter. After she was denied the f...

Get Your Baby Dior at Bergdorf Goodman's New Kid's Section

Alice + Olivia's $368 dress at Bergdorf Goodman. Credit:
Forget the generic baby blankets, no-name children's shoes and discount kids clothes. Some trendy tots -- well, their generously-funded parents, anyway -- just need cust...

Building Baby's Layette - What You Really Need

Baby booties and hats are part of the layette. Credit: >>>WonderMike<<, Flickr
Sure, the teeny tiny bikinis and baby Uggs are cute and make great shower gifts, but what do you really need when your little one comes home? The exa...

Casino Baby Clothes: Jackpot or Too Much of a Gamble?

Casino Baby offers a variety of gambling-themed clothing. Credit: Casino Baby
For some, gambling means risk. The thrill putting money down and seeing it double, triple ... or disappear. Others don't take it so seriously. "We like to gamble," T...

Taggies Infant Garments - Product Recall

In July 2008, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of about 6,200 Taggies Sleep'n Play Infant Garments due snaps that could detach and pose a choking hazard to young children. Yesterday, the CPSC announced that an addition...

Tagless tees causing skin problems

Kids hate tags. Heck, I hate tags. They're itchy, bothersome, and they're always sticking out. Parents everywhere have been cutting tags out of clothing for years, tired of listening to kids complaining about them. Then, some smart marketer had a gre...

Searching for a nanny - on Craigslist?

Recently we all got a good laugh, intentional or not, from a mom who posted on Craigslist looking for a nanny. For those of you unfamiliar with Craigslist, it's a now international site where one can post or look for anything from a job to household...

How to have a green pregnancy

To some women the thought of a "green" pregnancy conjures up images of nausea, vomiting and general discomfort. That's thankfully not what we're talking about here. As the green movement to save our environment continues to sweep the nation, check o...

Joel Madden designs baby clothes

Pregnancy clearly agrees with Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden. She looks healthier than she has in ages and together, the couple have recently exhibited some surprising generosity and selflessness. Instead of a baby shower for themselves, the...


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