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Too Cute: Faux Shoe Socks for Babies

With so many fabulous styles to choose from, you'll wish you had more little feet to dress up. Credit: Trumpette If you're looking for a super cute baby gift, Trumpette's socks are a must-buy. With dozens of faux-shoe desi...With so many fabulous styles to choose from, you'll wish you had more little feet to dress up.

Baby Blankets: Unexpected Uses

Baby blankets can be used for much more than snuggling. Credit: Getty
That Linus van Pelt was on to something. Every baby needs his or her own blanket (or two, or three), which makes it a good thing that baby blankets are among the most common gi...

Gift This

Adorable and useful. Credit: Zebi
We are always on the lookout for smart baby gifts and here's a great one. In addition to the supersweet packaging, this set by Zebi delivers on both utility (the bag contains five unbleached cotton burpclo...

A Glass Act: Charm Necklaces

So much better than another receiving blanket. Credit: Carina Schott
It ain't easy finding baby gifts for second- and third-time moms; goodness knows they don't need any more burp cloths. Think outside the box with something a little less usefu...

Diaper Cakes

A diaper cake isn't really a cake at all. It's made up of dozens of disposable or cloth diapers, layered in such a way that the finished product resembles a tall, white wedding cake. Diaper cakes range from the simple to the elaborate. Rolled up d...

Great Gifts that Won't Bust Your Budget

May calendars should come with a warning message, something like, Caution! Overspending Potential: High. It's snow-cone season at the ball field. Kids need extra money for end-of-school parties. And, in addition to the usual lot of birthday and baby ...

Personalized wooden baby block

My friend recently became a mother and received one of the most simple and beautiful personalized baby items I have ever come across, a laser-cut wooden block. The six sides of the block each bear different information about the baby: his/her full ...

It really is the thought that counts

My friend gave birth a few days ago and yesterday, I went over to meet the new arrival. She's all pink and pretty and just beautiful. Wrapped up tight in a soft blanket with just her little, round head poking out, she reminded me of a glo-worm toy th...

Did you get a push present?

There was a time when the reward for nine months of pregnancy and a long, exhausting birth was finally getting to look at (and hold!) the tiny being you'd waited your whole life to meet. But we are living in a material world and some new moms expect ...

New site offers unique baby gifts for moms and kids

Boutique Mom, a super cute site that was sent in by one of our readers offers a wide variety of gifts for mothers and babies alike. The site features many items but Candi, the creator, loves to feature items that are produced by moms and children. Th...


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