baby hats 

Baby hat obsession

I have a serious baby hat obsession. Lately, it seems I can't walk into a boutique without immediately cooing over a handmade hat from Peru or some crocheted ear-flap hat made by a convent in Sweden. Luckily, I (almost) always back away slowly withou...

Functional, adorable baby hats

Every Canadian kid owns at least one toque (and I know they are beanies or caps or something in the United States, but come on, isn't toque a lot more fun?) Anyway, I've been searching for a toque for Nolan for months. He has a slightly large head, f...

Knitting: good for idle hands and keeping the brain busy

Both of my older children have attended a Waldorf school where handwork is part of the required curriculum. Handwork involves everything from sewing to knitting. My son hates this class for the most part, but my daughter took to handwork, especially ...

Baby proof hat

My background is Northern European and Rob's is British and together we have produced the whitest baby the planet has ever seen.  Nolan's skin is so pale it's translucent and he's nearly bald, so I really worry about him in the sun.  I don'...


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