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Does My Baby Need a Whole Name?

I want to name my baby boy J.R. as his first name. My grandfather was nicknamed J.R. and I want to name my son in honor of him. Since my husband and I can't agree on what the J and R would stand for I'm thinking of just naming him with initials. Do y...Well, that's a creative solution to a naming deadlock: Not choosing a name at all!

Can I Make My Family Accept My Baby's Name?

My husband and I are expecting a boy this November. Before we conceived him, we both fell in love with the name Bodhi. Now that we have informed our families of his name, everyone on both sides have expressed their distaste. How do we politely tell o...These parents fell in love with a name that their families hate. The Name Lady solves how to gently let their families know that the name is here to stay.

Should I Choose a Name My Husband Hates?

I have loved the name Sloan since I heard it about three years ago and immediately knew that's what I would name my daughter. My husband has never liked the name. We have disagreed on it since. He has recently told me that if it is that important t...

Sibling Names Require Individual Thought

Dear Name Lady, I love interesting combinations of sibling names. It's so sweet to meet families with multiple children who have intriguing names that go well together. For instance, Sarah Palin caught my interest with her children's names Track...

Will Your Child's Name Affect His Personality?

My son wants to name his unborn son Maverick. Do you think this will undermine his personality? - Concerned Grandfather Dear Grandfather: A maverick is an independent spirit who doesn't bow to convention. (During the 2008 presidential race, ...

Did I Give My Son A Girl's Name?

Our five-year-old-son is named Azure. It means blue in French and Azurite is the name of a mineral with several shades of blue in it. Have never met or seen the name used on anybody other than my son...however, on baby-naming sites, it's listed as a ...

With Liberty and Justice for Baby Names

If your due date falls around Independence Day, the idea has probably crossed your mind: "Born on the 4th of July." Should you mark the occasion with a name, at least a middle name? A generation ago, a founding father name like Madison or Jefferso...

My Friend Named Her Baby After Auto Parts

Someone I know is having a baby boy, and her husband has a family tradition of giving car-related names, like Mercedes and Axel and such. I'm fine with that (it sounds like fun), but the name she wants to give is Jackford. I won't criticize her name ...

My First Child's Name is Perfect - Now What?

I recently had a baby and named him Calder. We love the name but have been having a hard time thinking of names that we could use for his future siblings. Other names we considered for him are Magnus (nn. Gus), Camden and if he was a girl Ainsley, Pe...

I Think I Gave My Baby the Wrong Name!

I think I gave my baby the wrong name! My dh and I liked the name Madison so much that we settled early on in pregnancy. Now our baby is here and I'm having serious second thoughts. They are taking over my time and energy and I can't shake this feeli...

When Your Favorite Name is "Taken"

I love my grandmother's middle name, but it is my cousin's first name (we are not very close). Dare I use it for my own daughter? If I were to use it, would my family think I was stealing the name from my cousin, or would they assume it was in her ho...

To Nickname or Not

If you like the shortened version of a name and would probably use that more often than the full version, is it better to just name your child the shortened version? I'm thinking about Lexi, short for Alexa/Alexis, but really prefer using Lexi to the...

Naming your child? Careful... Babycenter's watching

All we have to say is, Gherkin? Ce'Qwoia? Buddah? In a Myr'Acle move, BabyCenter has chosen to post several lists of what they say are the names they're "impressed" with. All these names are real, names parents who use Babycenter have sel...


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