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Too Cute: Faux Shoe Socks for Babies

With so many fabulous styles to choose from, you'll wish you had more little feet to dress up. Credit: Trumpette If you're looking for a super cute baby gift, Trumpette's socks are a must-buy. With dozens of faux-shoe desi...With so many fabulous styles to choose from, you'll wish you had more little feet to dress up.

British mums overspend on baby to impress each other

Like the US, Great Britain is in the midst of a credit crunch. But that's not stopping new moms from overspending on baby gear. According to a poll conducted by The Baby Website, Britain's "Yummy Mummies" are overspending their baby budgets by more t...

Adorable, affordable handmade baby shoes

Spring is definitely in the air and you know what all that birds and bees business leads to: a mailbox overflowing with baby shower invites, that's what! I just stumbled across an Etsy store filled with amazing cuteness at bargain prices that will ma...

Beware: These shoes are cute overload

I am dry-heaving from the cuteness. Little handmade felt wool shoes with grosgrain ribbons. Ack! Need another baby! Now! The cuteness doesn't stop there, either. I am such a sucker for items that have names, and these shoes do not disappoint with ...

The toddler shoe dilemma, reprised

We've always dressed Nolan in Robeez - those soft-soled slippers that are flexible and easy to slip on to his slippery little feet. They're excellent for dry climates like ours, but out here they're kind of useless. Nolan is drawn to puddles like our...

Baby shoes for winter

I've been poring through the Internet trying to find a definitive article on when it's OK to switch Nolan to hard-soled shoes. So far, I've come up empty, with a lot of indefinite articles advising that the decision is mine. He is walking now, if yo...


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