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Come to the Diaper Party; There Will be Beer

Credit: Getty Images
There was a time men never went near diapers. That was before they realized they could mix them with beer.
Beer and diapers? That probably requires a little explanation. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports t...
Men find a way to make having a baby fun. Just add beer.

Gender Reveal Parties Use Cake to Announce Baby's Sex

Finding out the sex of a baby? It's a piece of cake -- and an excuse for yet another party parents-to-be expect you to attend with gift in tow. Gender reveal parties are popping up all over the Internet, according to all sorts of blogs, includ...They're called "Gender Reveal" parties and they're popping up all over the Internet.

Operation Shower Honors Military Moms-to-Be With Caring and Compassion

Operation Shower has hosted baby showers for more than 500 military moms. Courtesy of Operation Shower When Nora Robles' son Rafael was 5 days old, she was invited to attend a baby shower in her honor -- and that of 37 other military m...Operation Shower has hosted baby showers for more than 500 military moms.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake: What's Inside?

Sesame Street's baby diaper cake makes a fun centerpiece. Credit:
Forget fancy candles, giant bouquets or decadent treats. Baby shower diaper cakes are today's go-to baby shower centerpieces. The coolest baby shower diaper cakes ar...

Baby Shower Food for Vegetarians

Crudite platters are lovey and yummy. Credit: Getty
Planning a baby shower that features vegetarian food might seem daunting if you're not used to coming up with meatless party menus. But vegetarian baby shower food can be quite easy to prepa...

DIY Baby Shower Ideas

Sundae bars are inexpensive, fun and delish! Credit: Getty Images
Say money is tight? We hear you. But we're also here to tell you: The best parties don't require the biggest budgets. Throw a fabulous baby shower with our affordable DIY baby sh...

Baby Shower Party for Siblings

Involve your older child with your baby shower plans. Credit: Getty Images
Clearly, the guest of honor at any baby shower party is the mother-to-be. But if the new baby will have siblings, it's important to include them in the festivities, too....

Baby Shower Decorating: Tips for the Celebration

A baby shower with a tea party theme lends itself to elegant decorations. Credit: Getty
You've chosen invitations, planned the menu and picked out a few fun games to play. Now it's time to embark on another important part of the celebration ...

Baby Shower Themes: Princesses

Balloons in pinks and pastels are perfect princess baby shower decorations. Credit: Getty
If ever there is a time for ordinary citizens to be treated like royalty, it's when a woman is pregnant. So, why not celebrate a special mom-to-be by t...

Baby Shower Favors: Simple DIY

Personalize baby shower favors with fun items such as pacifiers or candy. Credit: Corbis
Throwing a baby shower? Favors are a lovely way to thank your guests for celebrating the mother-to-be with you, and there are lots and lots of simple, DI...

Diaper Cakes

A diaper cake isn't really a cake at all. It's made up of dozens of disposable or cloth diapers, layered in such a way that the finished product resembles a tall, white wedding cake. Diaper cakes range from the simple to the elaborate. Rolled up d...

How much do you really need for baby #2?

The other day I found myself wandering the aisles of Babies R' Us looking for a few small items for my almost-toddler aged son. I was surrounded by hundreds--no, thousands--of items, and by nearly as many bewildered parents-to-be, all of them search...

Parenting trends for 08?

We're just approaching the 6 week checkup point of 2008 but already the style spotters at are predicting what the parenting trends this new year will bring. According to the article, we can expect: Even more unique baby names: beca...

Baby shower for number three?

My friend is expecting a baby in a few months and I talked to her this morning about a baby shower. She's due in March and because it is her third child and her third girl, she needs almost nothing when it comes to baby supplies. She has tons of clot...

Joel Madden designs baby clothes

Pregnancy clearly agrees with Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden. She looks healthier than she has in ages and together, the couple have recently exhibited some surprising generosity and selflessness. Instead of a baby shower for themselves, the...


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